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Most times, we tend to have contact with people without much connection with them. We believe the aspect of knowing them is good enough for us. But what happens when we become lonely and in dire need of comfort and close connection from people that we know?.... Most times, we are left out because we can't differentiate between having a contact to a connection.

I have loved so fairly, but yet my heart is burdened with so many thoughts of what I haven't done rightly.
I surround myself with people, but sometimes I feel the emptiness hallowing within the walls of my comfort
straying wider and wider every day. 
my friends, families, my colleagues are within my reach
yet I feel so empty, everything but empty, unsatisfied with what I gain every day

A sharp twist of pains within the heart, strange loneliness of the mind, and unquenchable desires of wanting and to feel loved and wanted all far away from me 
strolling with the wind as they discuss my dilemma freely without my consent
I take a look closely at my family to find where the spilled came from, a much closer look to my friends to find what could be wrong, and a deeper look at my colleagues who may perhaps have got the blame, but it all turns out nil.....empty with silent!

My eccentric heart pounders are unstoppable with no answers
I feel so frustrated with the rhythmic beat of my heart
beating so fervently with my adrenaline high and actively waiting to be calmed with an answer that it so much longed for.
then, it occurred to me,,,,,, wait a minute!
when last have I chatted loosely and freely with my family? 
When last have I talked with friends without reasons or the purpose of my intentions?
Have I treated my colleagues with love, or do I just deal with them based on the job demands?
All these questions barked at me with numbness.

SUDDENLY, I realized I have only had contact with these people and never held a deep connection to any of them...
I thought cos they are within me, my mere contact with them was good enough to make me complete and whole, but I was wrong wrong 
I have come to realize in other to feel happy and complete, one needs to develop a connection with the contacts they have within them 
and to love them deeply without a cause or a reason for their existence around you
I'm perplexed to know that it takes a little bit of being more friendlier with people to create a connection.
I'm calm and relaxed because I know all I need to do is create a connection with my family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to feel complete and never be lonely again.
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