Queen Ucheoma 1 year ago

Consequence Of Betrayal

I sat still and listened carefully while Emeka told me everything I needed to know about my beloved husband, Ejiofor.

My darling husband who had promised to stand by me even though I could not give him a child, my darling husband who had shielded me from the insults and ridicules of his family, my darling husband who had given me reasons to be happy. "Another woman has three children for him. These are their pictures" he showed me the pictures of three robust and good-looking boys who looked so much like my Ejiofor. I could not deny the resemblance.

"He has already sold this house, and as soon as he receives the money, he will leave you and go back to the woman who gave him those boys. He confided in me about all these. You know that I am his good friend, he tells me everything. I am telling you this because you are a good woman. You deserve to know", Emeka informed. For several minutes I sat still, unable to think or say anything. How could I explain that my darling husband had sold the house I had labored to build only because I made the silly mistake of trusting him enough to do the documents in his name. My eyes were filled with tears. I let out a loud wail and collapsed on the floor.

Emeka tried to console me, but I was inconsolable. I rolled from side to side in my sitting room, where he had given me the information. "I'm finished. My parents warned me not to marry Ejiofor. I'm finished", I cried. Emeka gave me all the words of consolation he could think of, but I did not even hear them, so he left. Alone in the house, I sat up and began to think. For several years I had loved and cherished Ejiofor, and all he could do was to pay me back with pain!. I wiped my eyes and decided that crying was not going to solve my problem. I made plans...

Much later that evening, Ejiofor, my darling husband, returned home. I ran into his arms and kissed him like I always did, and then I led him into the dining room and served him dinner. I sat beside him, stroking his back and kissing his cheeks as he ate. He had, however, only eaten three spoons when he winced. "My stomach hurts. I need some water", he said to me. "My darling husband, water cannot help you. You chose to betray me after everything I did for you all because I could not have a child. Too bad your game is up", I stated.

His face contorted in pain and agony. He tried to say something, but he ended up coughing. He coughed violently for several minutes. He fell off the chair and landed weakly on the floor, then he threw up blood and gave up. I rushed into the room and grabbed a duvet with which I wrapped up his remains and wiped the blood, then I changed my clothes and left the house to a nearby catholic church to confess my sins.

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