The Choice (chapter 18)

Sarah and Femi, with their families, took steps. The families formally met and had a proper introduction done.

Femi and Sarah’s wedding was set to hold in a month’s time following the introduction. Sarah and Femi wanted it snappy, and so was it. Sarah’s parents received the news of Sarah’s pregnancy with mixed feelings. On the one hand, they were disappointed that Sarah could stoop so low to defile the marriage bed. On the other hand, they were happy she was finally getting married. Femi’s parents also made preparations. Mama Faronbi knew she had to like her daughter-in-law-to-be if she wanted to relate to her better.

If she couldn’t do it for Sarah’s sake, she would do it for her son’s. Femi was her only son. She knew how important it was to have a fair relationship with his wife, at least. Mama Faronbi lessened her distaste for Sarah and took active steps to ensure her only son’s wedding was great. Sarah and Femi knew too well to want a church wedding. The church Sarah and her parents attended was no place for such indiscipline. A pregnant woman was never joined in holy matrimony, although they could have ‘blessing of the union’ done. Marriage was for two people, not three or more. Any pregnant female was no longer one person. She was carrying another person inside her already...And God didn’t command the joining of more than two. Sarah was aware of that.

Sarah and Femi had it well planned; they would have their traditional wedding on a Friday, go to the registry the following morning, and have a reception immediately afterward. From there, they would proceed to their new home to start the journey of marriage. Sarah’s mentors and pastors were shocked that Sarah didn’t approach them for counseling or to have her wedding in the church. Sarah didn’t give them an invitation until two weeks before the wedding. That was how best she could save her face. She couldn’t own up to what she had done. And she didn’t want to answer any questions. It was expected of a lady to join her husband’s church after her wedding, so she would have no problem with her church members getting the clue of what she had done. She would join her husband’s church, meet new faces and start afresh.

Femi didn’t have a problem inviting a few members of his church to his wedding. He was a dispassionate member of the technical unit in his church, there was less focus on him, and the work he didn’t force much commitment on his shoulders to couple with his busy work schedule. Tasks were handed out. An adept event planner assisted with the wedding plan. With a team of efficient decorators, caterers, bakers, and a few others, the location and necessities for the wedding were set. Input from many angles culminated in a beautiful wedding. Femi and Sarah got a marriage certificate. They were introduced to the world as the latest couple.

The day didn’t end until guests had their stomachs stuffed with food and their bags with souvenirs. A few who cared enough brought gifts for the new couple. The couple took some time to show their guests how much they could twist their bodies to the call of music. Sarah never knew she could be this excited. The attention and love showered on her by many touched the deepest part of her heart. She danced as much as her body permitted and didn’t allow her face to be devoid of a smile. The photographers wouldn’t stop taking pictures. Every bit of the event was recorded. It was a day to remember for Sarah and Femi.

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