Could This Be Greed?

A person tries to make an impression but was eventually dealt thoughtless blows.

Could this be Greed?
I have had my fair share of grief
My eyes have turned sore
I have sipped my tears like wine
 My heart has taken a new posture

A thousand questions I have asked
Sincere cries I have let out
I faulted on the ground of justice
But mercy has a room for me

I had to go the extra mile
Ignored the obvious signs
My decisions bypassed logic
I thought that’s what we call risk

Times have passed
Yet I live with the consequence
Of a move thought of as rash
Though it didn’t appear so at first

All I wanted was the best
For those whose concerns
Have become my responsibility 
On this ground, I sought relief

It looked promising at first
Soon it began to dawn on me
T'was a bitter pill to swallow
I had to contain it still

My questions are now many
Answers not forthcoming
One more question, I ask
Could this be greed?
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