Courtship: What You Should Know!

Relationship series. You can enjoy courtship the God way.

Please note: This post is for Christian singles. I don't mean churchgoers; I'm writing to brothers and sisters who have encountered Jesus. The truth is courtship season can be very tempting, like the ice on a cake. Well, you need to know what you want for yourself and take your stand for God irrespective of the pressure around you. Can I announce to you that, Godly Courtship still exists? You are not alone; do you know what it means for God to be the first in your Courtship? Do you know what it means to house God's presence in and during your Courtship?

1. Courtship is different from dating. 

2. Courtship is a long-term goal, and the end result is marriage! 

3. Courtship is the bedrock of marriage.

See, whatever you don't like, don't permit it during Courtship because you obviously won't be able to control it in marriage.

4. Courtship is a time to talk.

Yes, talk, talk, again and again, talk about everything that comes to your mind. Enough of eating pizza and taking ice cream; you will take more than that if you get it right and marry right. Talk, and have sensible and intelligent conversations.

5. Courtship is a time of building principles for your marriage.

You don't have to wait until you get married before you set principles. Start now.

6. Courtship is a time to be sensitive

Yes, sensitive both physically and spiritually.

7. Courtship is a time to ask questions and not assume.

Don't start your marriage on the assumption; ask questions. Courtship is the time you have to know each other better. Never assume.

8. Courtship is not the time to have sex or foreplay or start living together.

If you stay with your spouse for twenty years or more, that's already twenty solid years of unlimited access to sex and plenty of fore plays. Why the rush? Don't be deceived or allow yourself to defile the marriage bed. Your body is the temple of the Lord; with everything God has done for you, is keeping your body too much of him to ask? 

9. Courtship is not the time to lie or pretend.

You have to be real and be yourself. Come to think of it, how long will you keep telling lies and pretending? Save yourself the stress.

10. Courtship is the time to build a praying altar and fellowship for your home.

Get things working already; prayer can never be too much. You should know that your marriage isn't your own, your marriage is to fulfill God's purpose, and only God can help you.

Add this last one to the list...

Courtship is not a joke; it is for two emotionally stable and mature individuals who are ready to take the "I do" step forever. For everyone doing courtship the right way, God is proud of you; your testimony will be complete! I am praying and rooting for you. My name is Oshea, and I like to "talk it" I am sold out to see that you enjoy a relationship the God way. Do you want to speak with me? Book a session; I look forward to having you!

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