A craving for onanism...Like a rat, I hide in the corner; just want a way to get out of the hunger;

Like a rat I hide in the corner
just want a way to get out of the hunger
even if I don't want to eat from it
it always drives me close to the cream

I had no power over it
it made me depend on soap and cream
like a scorpion, the craving got me to sting 
the sting makes me stink

I always want to stay away
but its craving won't go away
even in hunger I always submit to it
it makes me look as if I can't do without it

When! when!! was my choice of words
because the craving makes me to go backward
I obey the desire more
when my data is turned on

When it comes I always want to stay alone
the craving makes me groan
still satisfied I won't stop
I always uhnnn when at the top

It was only the cross that saved me
onanism could have killed me
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