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Making money online doesn't have to be a needle in a haystack; neither does it have to be a technical jargon that will require 4 cups of water with a few pastries before you can assimilate. In this article, I desire to help you understand the Nitty-gritty of the online market and the proven way to milk down your profit from it. Are you ready? What does money-making online mean? Without having to sound technical, making money online in a simple term is when someone gets to pay you for a service virtually ( Without having to see each other physically). For example, Ade took a tour through his Facebook feeds and found Kemi, who owns an online store where she sells "Male Underwears." Ade found what he loved, added the product to the cart and made a payment online. It's that simple. When someone pays you for any product or service online, you are already one of those milking the internet. A quick question! How much are you willing to milk monthly? How much you intend to make online depends on how much you are willing to work and how well you are willing to learn. It's tantamount to asking, " How do you want to pass your exam? It's the same way how you read. It's that simple.

What are the requirements to Start an Online Business? You don't need to break a bank before setting up an online business, and neither do you need to take 10 hours daily in building blocks before you can have a sustainable structure online. To start an online business, here are a few things you need.

1. A social Media Handle: Hey, I know you chat with your Facebook like pictures, see movies and sometimes get engrossed in the lifestyle of others until you find out your data holding company rings you a bell with a notification of "Data almost exhausted" and you wonder how hurtful it can be to run through the designs and challenges of life before getting yourself the next data subscription. You know you don't have to live like this, right? As easy as it may sound, Social Media is the fastest way to make money online.

How do you do it? In three statements, I'll explain

a. Set up a business account on any social space of your choice ( Preferably Facebook or Instagram).

b. Add your About profile optimized with what you do and how people can help your customer. For example - " Content Writer | Business Strategies - I'll teach you how to write content that connects your audience and makes explosive sales." I just expressed what I do in 30 words. You can do the same too.

c. Write content and market it: You have Facebook friends, right? You don't need to create a new account; you can begin with the current one. Write contents around your product or service. For example - Dele is a hairstylist. What type of content can he write?

1. "How to" type of contents - How to make a knotless braid or how to keep your hair neat and clean after making it.

2. "Sales" Contents - 5 best products to keep your hair away from life. There are other contents you can write, but these two are very important. The online market is big; if you are ready to milk it with content, you will make more money than you can ever imagine.

In the next episode, I'll tell you the next steps to take on how to make your money online.

See you soon 😘

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