Tell me I don't know my work and I'll give you 99 reasons why I think I'm doing it better.

Hearing my stepfather say, "We don't sweep the house," doesn't make me do better. Instead, when Mom would say, "Hey, Stephen, let's sweep the house before he comes back complaining." I would say, "what's the point when even if we sweep it a hundred times, he would still come home picking the broom and sweeping dirt from the same house we swept." Other times, I would just be waiting for him to come back home and sweep the house himself. I think he said those words to make us do better. I know my boss would use the phrase "everywhere is dirty" talking about the rooms and the hotel environment, so my colleague and I could be our best.

Fifty percent of criticism, if not more, is employed to make people do more, but the reverse has always been in many cases. In my turn, I always gave excuses for my inadequacy instead of putting more effort. It was till I opened the first few pages of "HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE" that I realized what happened that made this small muscle boy push a wheelbarrow stocked with iceblock for a few months. Was the time, I was working with a lady that owns an iceblock machine, and I got to assist with removing the ice from the machine, arranging it in the wheelbarrow, and pushing it to where the car wanted to take them out where parked.

Sometimes I would be rolling the wheelbarrow, and every of the ice would fall in the process; some got mixed up with sand-- while some others were broken. I expected my boss to yell at me, to remind me that those broken are money that was lost-- or possibly threaten to deduct it from my salary. Instead, she kept telling me, "dooh!" and that I should pack the ones I could carry. Other times she would hail me while pushing the wheels, and eventually, nothing would drop to the ground.

Those words of appreciation made me do more, and I was bent on mastering how to balance my hand while riding the wheel; so I could be of my best in service. PS: Instead of employing 'criticism' to challenge people, 'word of appreciation' would go a long way.

© Stephen



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