Crudled Shucks!

Felix was in for a surprise😂The tale of ten cities was by far the best book Felix had ever begun to read.

He had gotten to the part where Alendrea retrieved the durability elixir from the wizard Luxon. Her fight with the dragon was probably a few pages away. He would be patient and savor every scene.

A crash came from downstairs. Crud! What were his pesky cousins up to now? They'd frustrated the heck out of his life since mom brought them for the summer break. There were the wildest, most undignified kids he'd ever met. He couldn't picture himself related to such pigs. Why couldn't they stuff their snouts in a book for once, like Felix often did? Felix lumbered downstairs, book in hand, for he couldn't part with it—it was too dear to him.

He got into the garage and saw Fred standing amidst shards of glass, his left arm bleeding, holding a baseball bat. Greg snickered and giggled in a corner. Felix could care less about the trickle of red across his cousin's arm; what really left his eyes widened and his mouth agape was the fact that Dad's glass-bottle-encased miniature ships were shattered to pieces. Not one. Not five. But fifteen—Dad's whole collection! Crudled Shucks! Felix thought as his book thumped to the ground.

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