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Culture: Dress

CULTURE: Dress - The very part of life that speak from afar!

It is a multifaceted phenomenon that is as old as man himself. It is said to be a totality of life. It has several important aspects. One of the integral aspects is the dress, which this article will do justice to. It is a universal face of a culture that shows the beauty and uniqueness of a particular set of people. It is handled with respect, dignity, and decency. For every culture, different dresses are peculiar to them. Also, there are standard and acceptable ways of showcasing it within and to the rest of the world.

Dresses must befit formal organizations like religious places, schools, celebrations, etc., and informal places like our houses, nuclear environment, etc.

There is an adage that says: “appearance shows the manner”. They need to know that the kind of dress we put on speaks a lot about us is important. The dress can be classified as a non-verbal aspect of language. It is an embodiment on its own. It is one aspect that shows the difference between upper and lower animals.

Dress is so crucial because it is an eye seen by every individual who comes across us or sees us from afar or passersby. We should always have this at the back of our minds: "it is you that make what you wear beautiful, not what you wear that makes you beautiful”. Wearing a good, neat, and smart dress is part of healthy life. It bestows in you unseen happiness that makes you flow more than usual. It helps you to be free anywhere you find yourself. It is as well attracts good people towards you. There is a saying that “birds of a feather flock together”.

Dress is a tool that connects the physical and metaphysical worlds. Our dresses are physical, while our souls are metaphysical. The connection between these two entities brings joy, happiness, otherwise, etc. If we wear a good dress, the output of the connection is happiness, while if you wear a dress that calls for an ugly and unsatisfactory gaze will as well give you an otherwise output. Everyone that does bad or good things is fully aware of their actions. Conscience is the legislative part of the human being. Let me quickly ask these questions: have you ever dressed up for an occasion but have the dress changed before you stepped out of your room? Have you ever felt naughty about what you wear out? These show that our bodies are an embodiment of total configuration, which can easily identify wrong and right. Our choice is based on our interests, which we need to be aware of. We should always endeavor to wear a good and presentable dress.

It is not a must to put on an expensive cloth before we look nice and comely. It is “how and what” that matters.

What do I mean by how? The pattern of what you wear will determine the kind of attention you get. The kind of hospitality you get speaks much of your appearance. You don’t need to be half-naked before people appreciate your vivaciousness.

The second question says, “what”?. What do I mean by what? This has to do with the worth of what you put on. If you appear neat and appropriate, nobody will ever think of the expensive value of your dress. Most rich people we see do not parade themselves with expensive dresses like that, but they always make them neat, ironed, starched, and smartly sewed. You, too, can do better. Let me quickly remind you this nobody was born neat. We all came out of the pool of blood. So, you and I can do better.

However, from time immemorial, society has faced one problem or the other, in which lousy dress is not excluded. Inadequate and unsatisfied dresses are like insalubrious food. It is like a poison that kills gradually. It causes stigmatization. Unacceptable dresses cause rejection and unexpected embarrassment, most especially in public places. It allows people to give you names you do not bear. It can only give you as a person a bad description rather than a good description, even if you are good than good itself. Going half-naked doesn’t add any value to lives. Rather it dents and debilitates our reputation. Some ladies got themselves raped because they opened what was supposed to be kept. You can easily get angry with yourself due to how people address you or look at you through what you wear.

The Bible told us that “ our body is a temple of God” from a religious perspective. No religion supports lousy dress. No culture sees it as a plus as well.

Let’s say no to indecent and wayward dresses - the dress pattern that exposes our breasts, boxers, etc.

You and I can make a change today. The life we live today is important for the coming generation. Let’s that good reference be made from our lifestyle.

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