Curiosity Vs. Grades

The biggest failure with the educational system with the world at large is that it does away with what should be the primary drive for learning – curiosity.

Curiosity is in itself the desire to learn about something new, and like other (emotions), it can be intoxicating. It keeps you up at 2 AM watching YouTube videos just learning about ancient Egyptian artifacts. Modern education has replaced curiosity with a variety of other things.

Replacements such as the need to impress and show brilliance, but one, in particular, is insidious as a replacement for curiosity – Grades. The average individual learns just to pass exams. What is interesting about the desire for good grades is that it can manifest the same symptoms as curiosity; a person can stay up all night studying for either reason.

But reading for grades sucks the joy out of the study process; reading because of curiosity is the same as reading for Joy. Excitement and curiosity, not grades, should drive education, but then what you’re curious about can and ideally should be the same thing you get grades in. You’ll hardly forget anything curiosity drove you in search of; the same can’t be said for good grades-driven education.

This is the 21st century, people! There are thousands of courses online, paid and free, to satisfy your curiosity. If you’re curious about anything, the only person holding you back is you. TAKE THAT LEAP! The cloud of witnesses, those who’ve gone before you, they all say it is possible.

Credits: Osakwe.

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