Cycles, Not Psychos

Cycles, not Psychos: The poem tells of how everything in life happens in cycles...

It goes around,
Its happening is bound,
Life to death... Death to life,
From Peace and joy to war and strife.

From the evening into the morning,
Even as it is, from birth to mourning,
Like from hot to cold,
Like the seasons old.

From caterpillars to butterflies,
So it is, even for other flies.
A time to be broken; time to be made.
A time to shine and a time to fade.

The river gives to the ocean,
The ocean brings rain.
Without any restrain,
Life goes on, lacking commotion.

It's hard to stop a river,
Even so very hard to stop a flow,
Start a river, and you might get a fever,
It's for the better; 'cause you begin to grow. 

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