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Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl: Reminiscing on the memories I had with my Father, while he was still alive...

I remember, as a growing child, how confident I was to tell my Daddy anything. Daddy left on the 11th of July,2015. It was exactly ten days after his birthday. I didn't believe I was going to lose my Daddy at 17. I still call him 'Daddy' because I'm still his small girl in my mind. As young as I could remember, it was not out of place for Daddy to just randomly take my brother and me out. It was something unusual for a man to do in the kind of society and the neighborhood where I grew up, but Daddy did it.

Daddy grew up in a family that was so conscious of being domestic and actually knowing what was going on in the family. Daddy took us to school and ironed our clothes to perfection; One favorite thing my Daddy did, which I loved so much, was the fact that he was a great cook and he cooked for us. My brother, too, has inherited that trait; he's the exact younger version of my Daddy. It's 7yrs this year since we lost Daddy, and one thing that still stands out is the fact that he was the one with a listening ear. I still miss that about him.

Daddy used to tell me a lot about his childhood and how it reflected his beliefs; he spoke so much about what his father taught him. We'd always stay on the balcony and look downstairs while we talked. I and my Daddy gist about a lot of things. 

A whole lot, It was in him that I learned the essence of bonding between parents and children. I know that in the part of the world where we live, The presence of a man in the home is not that important. As long as the woman has it covered, no problem, but it was in the bond that my Daddy and I shared that I realized that the presence of a man is important in the lives of growing children. 'Facts have shown that the presence of a father in the home affects the child's cognitive and social development.'

I'm speaking from experience that this is true; because the time I had with my Daddy affected me in such a way that I had this confidence to do anything because I knew he had my back. I always had his support and affection, and I knew that even if I flopped, he still had a way of putting me back on my feet. He was disciplinary too. The fact that my Daddy was easygoing and accommodating didn't mean that he didn't discipline any of his children when necessary.

Some days, I need certain things, and when he's not here, I remember how he held us up and the confidence he imbibed in us. Being the first child, I still carry him in my heart and the things he left with me before his demise. I still am the daughter of Mr . Frank, and I have a lot of memories of him.

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