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Daisy And My Wife Part 1

I never knew my wife had a snake as a pet, not until after our wedding, and she was moving her property into my house.

She brought out the snake from its cage and set it free in the house. When I came back from work and saw the snake, and I attempted to kill it. As I rushed to the kitchen and brought out a knife to kill it, my wife stopped me. "Honey, stop meeting Daisy, my pet," she said and laughed at me.

I seriously didn't buy it; she begged that Daisy has been her pet ever since she was 16. She said Daisy was picked alongside the road while she was going to church, so she considers her as God's gift. I finally let Daisy stay, but on the condition that she was kept in the cage at all times. My wife didn't listen to my instructions, and she'll let Daisy out sometimes.

One morning we woke up and saw one of our neighbors crying. When we requested to know why, they said their son was taken away while everyone was asleep... I suspected Daisy, but my wife would defend her to any length. To even make matters worse, Daisy didn't come out to eat no do anything five days after my neighbor's son went missing. I refused to bring in any visitor to my house after my boss had an encounter with Daisy and sacked me.

Another thing I noticed was that whenever I am making out with my wife, I do notice Daisy staring at us. And secondly, Daisy would never play with me as she does with my wife; according to my wife, she said I was too hard on Daisy. It's been five years now into our marriage, and my wife was yet to take in. We have gone from one miracle center to another but yet no results. I began suspecting Daisy, as for the way she would always look at me while making out, 'Maybe she was a demon,' so I will think.

One day while I left my home for job hunting, my former boss called me for recruiting, so I had to rush back to my house to get myself ready and go to work. When I entered, I noticed a cold silence in my house. I checked Daisy's cage in the corridor but found it open. I was scared, so I tiptoed to my room and slowly open up the door.



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