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Daisy And My Wife Part 2

I was scared, so I tiptoed to my room and slowly open up the door. When I entered, I saw Daisy walking towards the door; my wife was on a towel, sweating and looking tired. Then I asked her what had happened, and she said she was playing with Daisy, and now she wanted a bath.

I wasn't convinced by the excuse because she avoided eye contact while making the statement. I got prepared and went to work..... when I got to the office, I explained everything to my work buddy, and he laughed, thinking that am lying. I got serious, and he finally believed me......he asked me to get rid of the snake, and I made up my mind to kill the snake immediately after I got home. When I closed from work and went home, I sneaked into the house, so I could kill Daisy before my wife knew I'd gotten back in order for her not to stop me.

As I entered, my wife wasn't in the parlor. I started searching for DaisyDaisy, and again I entered my room but couldn't find anyone. I was about to step out when I heard words coming from the bathroom; I walked gently and closer, and I began hearing a man's voice in my bathroom and the voice of my wife. They were both taking a bath and making funny sounds; I was enraged but calmly took a peep into the bathroom. I saw a full-grown man bathing with my wife. I quietly went out of the house and came in again. "Honey am home!!!" I shouted, pretending as if I saw nothing.

As I stepped into the room, I saw Daisy walking outside the room while my wife was dressing up after bathing. I searched the room but couldn't find anyone. The next day I told my boss everything, and he promised to send me to another branch outside the country. I moved, leaving my wife and her spiritual husband, Daisy, alone without their notice.

The End


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