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A friend likes a sister.....I don't think I have ever met someone as thoughtless and unreasonable as my friend Dara; she gives me headaches every time.

She out of the blue announcements are the reason for my early high blood pressure. I am just 23 for godsakes. I had just finished running a thousand miles through my mind, picking the baton on the different stages in my life that required brooding over. And then this yeye human being called my phone at past 11 screaming like a banshee. I swear to God, I almost went into shock, thinking she had been kidnapped or was about to be gang-raped. Cause that's like the only explanation for such ear destructive scream.

"why in the name of everything holy are you calling me at this time, Oluwashindara?" I queried, rubbing my forehead. The young lady was going to be the death of me. And then she goes thus; "you won't believe what I just saw?" Now, that caught my attention. Maybe she saw a ghost or something that might change both of our lives. "what is that?" "you can't guess?" she retorted. I almost bit my tongue off, trying not to curse badly at her. Being on edge with the late-night call was enough, and now the brute was making me guess.

"Dara, if you don't know this, I would do you, and I favor by reminding you. It is past eleven and almost midnight; you ruined my sleep with your call, and now you are making me guess like you are on extra cool with your boyfriend. You mad girl!" There was a slight pause, "you don't deserve me." She huffed. I rolled my eyes, "yeah, I don't." "anyways I just saw the wedding invite of Khalil, the playboy in school then is getting married!" she announced excitedly, "isn't that incredible?"

For a brief moment, I pulled my phone from my ear and stared at it, trying to confirm who the hell I was talking to. "if I hear you correctly, Shindara, you called me about a nigga I don't even remember sharing a class with?" "hmmn hmmn." She replied with no remorse in her response. "oluwashindara!" I called out. "ehn kini?" she queried. "ori e oti gbale!" I yelled, hanging the call without waiting for her reply. There are so many things on my reminder list, but one of the most important of all is not forgetting to murder Dara with my bare hands. Just as I attempted to get some sleep, my phone dinged. Checking it, it was a message from Dara. She wrote, "the to-be wife is really cute just like you." I groaned like a wounded lion, "really, Dara, really!"

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