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Dateless Love (chapter 4)

The game has started..."Emmanco 'P'! Emmanco 'P'!" All the occupants of Bangkok lodge chanted as he shut the door. Gabrielle realized she had to be diplomatic in dealing with Emma as none of the occupants was ready to come to her rescue.

The caretaker's wife came outside, her face contorted with rage and fear. She knew Emma very well and what he was capable of doing. He was a very dangerous guy.

Fear gripped Gabrielle; she remained on the chair with her gaze fixed on the stranger who had taken charge of her bed. "I'm not an electrician," Emma began. "My name is Emmanuel Paul, but my friends call me Emmanco P; the 'P' stands for Papa. I am the father of this lodge, the General Overseer.

Na me dey enter the path of any girl wey enter this lodge first. Na because say I never cross ya path na im make all men just pipe low. Does the person don enter ya room? Emma asked. Gabrielle kept mute and continued staring at him. "You see that jubilation wey dey go on for outside? Na because I don enter, road don clear now." "Can you speak simple English at all? Gabrielle asked. "Yes, naa." "Please talk to me in a language I will understand; I'm still a new student." "All men have been waiting for me to sleep in your room; that is why you've not received any male visitors since you came here. So by tomorrow, you'll start receiving male visitors. You have been here for some days, so I believe you must have seen how things are done in this..."

"I haven't seen anything," Gabrielle cut in. "You will see it tonight; over here, let's get started," Emma said with outstretched hands. "Please, Emma," Gabrielle knelt down. "Leave my room. I have not done what you are asking of me, please; I am a virgin. " Gabrielle pleaded. "Wow! That's good; I have been looking for your type all my life. Don't worry; I will make you my personal babe. Please come, come; I'm hard as a rock because of what you just said. I need your type." Emma beckoned, crooking his fingers and nodding his head at the same time. 

Gabrielle stared at the huge bulge in between his legs and tried to escape, but Emma overpowered her. He pushed her to the bed and locked the door. Gabrielle quickly got out of the bed before he got to it. She sat down on the chair again. Emma lay on her bed and hid her bunch of keys in his boxers. "If you need your key, put your hand here and take it," Emma said before lying back on the bed. Gabrielle stood up and paced around her room in anger, anxiety, and frustration while Emma watched her. She could not come up with any plan that would solve the biggest challenge that was staring at her. "I can have you right here and now, but I want you to give yourself willingly to me. I can't work on you without juice, and I don't have lubricant." Gabrielle sat back on the chair and was a bit relieved. She wished Emma would go out like a light so she would take her key and escape. 

 After some hours, Emma closed his eyes and pretended to have nodded off. He knew Gabrielle would come for her key, so he waited patiently for her. Gabrielle stood up and tiptoed to her bed. She dipped her hand in his boxers, and Emma locked her hand in there, and that made him hard as a rock again. He drew her closer with his free hand and tried to kiss her. Gabrielle pulled herself from his grip; his teeth gave her a cut on her lips. Gabrielle sat back on the chair and decided not to try again. Emma eventually dozed off, snoring heavily. Gabrielle did not make any attempt to go for the key again. She took one of her Senior Secondary School books and began to read. Gabrielle left her window open. Soon the twilight rose into a beautiful morning. She was grateful that she made it even though she was awake all through the night. 

Emma was woken up by the early morning sun that radiated through the window. He stood up, wiped his eyes with his palm, and sat back again. "I need to bathe; I have lectures by 9:00 am," Gabrielle said sarcastically. Emma stood up from the bed, wore his trouser, and left the room without uttering a word. He was obviously unhappy. The boys who had been waiting for him to come out of the room began to cheer him. The singing and hailing died down when Emma gave them a negative sign. They were quick to understand the sign. Disappointments were clearly seen on their faces. They had booked a turn already, and the person that chose the next day could not wait. 

"Na stubborn girl she be, but I go deal with am, tonight! Who has lubricant?" Emma yelled angrily. One of the girls scowled. "Guy, you fuck up! Learn how to manage your pre-cum! It is always available! Use it in the absence of natural juice!" One of the boys yelled and sighed. "If you say that to me again, I swear you won't smell that room!" Emma shouted at him and walked away. Fear gripped Gabrielle, who was eavesdropping on their conversation. She took her bath and left for school. She walked straight to the business center in the school compound. "Please, I want to make a call." 

"Call the number," The phone boot operator demanded. She handed the phone over to Gabrielle when it began to ring. "Hello Dani, it's me, Gabby; good morning." "Gabby, how are you?" Danielle asked. "I'm fine big sis; please, where are you?" "I'm on my way to Cape Town. Do you have any problem?" Danielle asked. "No, no problem at all. I'm fine, everything is fine. Safe journey, sis." "Call me if you need anything." "Okay, I will." Gabrielle handed the phone over to the operator. Tears were in her eyes, but she tried to look brave. "Your money is one rand." Gabrielle brought out money from her purse and handed it over to the phone operator, and left.

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