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Deadly Option (episode 1)

This story is about a young girl that wanted to travel out of her village down to the city.

It was a bright Friday morning in Ajaloru village. The time when the men in the village were to go to the farm to perform their daily routine. And it usually happens every day except for the women that are to perform their domestic chores within their environment, which has to do with sweeping the compound and cooking for their husbands and their children because it was a taboo in the village for women to go to the farm, and this custom has been laid down after the establishment of the village.

Unfortunately, the custom was no longer convenient for Susan, a young girl of about eighteen years old, and this was because she wanted to help her family by doing some menial job.

And due to this, she made up her mind to travel to the city to find a job with the help of a woman called Iya Olowu. This woman usually comes to the village to visit her parents. And it was on this occasion that Susan was able to know her and narrate her wishes to her.

On the day she was to meet the woman, Susan was so happy and energetic that she did not hesitate to tell her parent about it. And after thinking about the matter, her parent agreed with her decision. While on the other hand, Iya Olowu was so happy and promised to help her by taking her to the city.

However, that Friday morning, she was in her compound, sweeping and pondering on her travel down to the city that would commence soon. And that morning, she was so excited that she would be going to the city the next day because that was the day the woman promised to take her to the city.

But the excitement that filled her face quickly disappeared when she remembered she would be leaving her parent behind, but there was nothing she could do about it. She just needs to go to the city so that she will support her family and because her parent has also supported her travel.

Her parent supported her travel to the city because they believed she wanted to free her family from the shackles of poverty. She had already finished sweeping and also wanted to go to the stream to fetch some water when her best friend, Felicia, came to her house with a calabash in her hand. And at that point, Felicia touched her shoulder as Susan turned her back against her, but Susan froze up as she was picking up the calabash she wanted to use to fetch the water. "Good morning, Felicia. And why did you come here so early?" Susan asked, looking so surprised as she sighted her friend. "I came to visit and accompany my friend to the city." Felicia smiled. "Oh, that! It is tomorrow that I will be going to the city..." "But how come you told me you will be traveling today," Felicia said, looking confused as she interrupted Susan.

"It is the woman who was supposed to take me to the city that caused all this. She said she would be coming here tomorrow to pick me up because she had an important meeting to attend today. So I'm sorry for any inconvenience." Susan apologized and smiled. "Okay, no problem. City girl." Felicia pulled Susan's cheek and smiled. "Leave me, joor." Susan pouted as she jokingly beat Felicia's hand while Felicia chuckled. "Okay, see you tomorrow. I should have waited for some time, but I want to quickly fetch water in the stream before many people get there." Felicia said, looking at Susan's face before she turned her back against her, but she was stopped by Susan.

"Wait! I also want to fetch water." Susan shouted, and Felicia quickly turned to look at her. "Okay, no problem," Felicia said as Susan quickly went to meet her with a calabash in her hand. At that point, they went to the stream, and they came back from the stream within one hour. "Bye." They waved their hand at each other as they went to their various houses.

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