Dealing With Difficult People

The write-up portrays how we can live our lives amidst difficult people and also at the same time emotionally healthy.

Letter D is the letter missing in the word " anger." When D is added as a prefix to the word "anger," it becomes "Danger." People in life will do everything possible to hurt you and throw stones at you without or without your consent, but your reactions to them determine your emotional stability and general well-being. The world is full of imperfect men and women, so anyone could provocate you, gossip, and give you a hateful disposition, but you don't have to give the same response. Forgiveness is therefore not optional. In dealing with difficult people, keep in mind that no one is perfect and that having brokenness as a virtue will go a long way to help overlook offenses.

At most times, we don't need to speak and react to whatever is thrown at us in haste but be swift to hear and slow to speak. In addition, anytime we are angry, we shouldn't talk. An adage says words are like eggs; once spoken, they can be reversed. No amount of our apology will sink into the ears of the person we spoke angrily at, as those words spoken out of anger will be replayed constantly in his or her mind. Instead, we can walk away, give praise, speak in tongue or say a silent prayer, and then come back to iron things out when the mood is good for such conversation.

Don't be a men-pleaser because it's impossible to please everybody all the time. Any criticisms aimed at you are not for you to internalize but to pick which one you're at fault with and make necessary corrections. We are made stronger and better through criticism most time. Remember, no reward is given to argument won and that with patience, you can scale through a wall.

Watch out for the next series on Emotional health.

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