Dear Content Writers,

If content writing has to do with certifications, skills and experience, why am I not being paid?

When I decided to begin writing, the least of my worries was getting paid for my writing. What did I do? I made time to write out something daily, even if it was just one sentence. I'd write. There I was without support systems. There I was without direction, no sense of responsibility. I just did what I had to do for the sake of interest. Perhaps when I'm being asked about my hobbies, one of them would be writing. It did work out that way.

A few years along the line, I realized the truth. I found out there is a gold mine in writing. Just yesterday, I discovered writing to be the second best-paying skill, soon to be the first. But do you know there are still those who haven't earned their writing skill? I learned this the hard way. In 2020, I was recommended to write fiction stories for a company in America, which ought to be published on Amazon. But guess what? I flopped. Here is what happened.

🛑 I couldn't keep to deadlines.

🛑 I couldn't get to the page limit.

While I started the job, nervousness crept in. In less than three months to the end of the contract, the contract was called off. What caused my failures was a lack of preparation. I wasn't prepared. I couldn't write as well as I can today. I am bold to say that I am a deadline keeper and writing desired pages is my hobby.😊😊 Understand that the reason you're not being paid for writing is you're not prepared for the task yet. This might not be the only reason, but for some, this is it.

Dear content writers, you deserve to be paid for your skill. You've worked on your skill so hard that now is the time to be rewarded. No! We're not being selfish; we're just glad to be in a position to help businesses blossom through our swift writing style. 2020 was the first time I earned as a writer. If I could earn from writing then when I was least prepared, how much more now that I have grown so well in my craft? 

For some time now, I haven't gotten writing jobs. I'd love to see myself write more often on a variety of subjects, making me a generalist, even though I'd love to narrow it down. But I believe by doing this, my strengths and weaknesses will be revealed. I would know what level of effort I'll put in for each project. As I also see it as a time to keep building and building until the perfect time comes. 

While my perfect time doesn't have to be long, I'll keep building, and before I get to the roofing stage, all will be set to shoot my shot and give my best in what I've been called to do. 

Stay Jiggy

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