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Dear Fiction Writer...

Lol, I didn't think October would come so soon. And here I was, still rounding up my September goals. On the first day of this month, I woke up to a call from my Dad. He prayed for me and wished me a happy new month. "Daddy, is today the 1st of October?" I asked him, rubbing my sleepy eyes.

"Yes, of course. Didn't you tell me to put on a white and green dress for Sunday service?" "Oh," I murmured. It just didn't feel like a new month to me. Because last month was really a rough ride for me; sometimes, I had the motivation to continue, and some days, I would just stay bored, maybe because I overwhelmed myself with so many goals for last month.

So, when I was brainstorming with my accountability partner, we discussed goals for the next three months. We talked about how we could manage our external environment in order to achieve our goals. My accountability partner is progressing to become a Professional Project Manager in the future. And after ticking our September goals, we looked at goals for the month of October.

He then asked, "Why don't we just pick the three biggest goals for this month and commit to them?" "Why?" I asked him. "Well, I experienced so much burnout from last month. And it affected my mental health," he suggested. The one that struck me so much to do was to volunteer with my writing skills. So recently, I joined a team of content creators, where I happened to be a content writer because I've seen that volunteering is the sure way for me to move faster in my writing journey this year.

At the end of it all, we came up with just three biggest goals each. Our goal wasn't to achieve too many effortless goals but to prioritize the most important and give our best. Why am I saying this? I've come to realize that it's the tiniest daily activities that we do that compound into big results.

As a writer, strive to write at least 30 minutes a Day. Start small, then move up the ladder. You might not see the results now, but believe me, you're growing. I know today is the third day of October, but pick out the three biggest goals you must achieve for this month. Commit to ruthlessly executing them daily. Remember the goal? Stay consistent.

The Untamed Writer.

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