Nuhu Bulus 1 year ago

Dear Mom

Dear mom; How can I forget this day?; If I do, then even the universe will make jest of me;

Dear mom, 
How can I forget this day?
If I do then even the universe will make jest of me.

Your love you pour, 
Not restraining till I reached stupor.
You stood by me, 
And gave me hope to conquer.
You taught me uprightness, 
And to say no to liquor.

You taught me morals, 
And to maintain my honor.
You taught me honesty,  
And to never change my colour.
You taught me respect,  
And to always be a man of valour.

You taught me love,  
And to never loose my flavour.
You taught me discipline,  
And to always maintain my sense of humour.
You taught me uprightness, 
And to never dull my glamour.

In you I found joy, 
And was an alien to sorrow. 
Your love to abide in, 
And your steps to follow.

You taught me to maintain the path of tranquility and truth, 
No matter how shallow.
To always stand up,  
And never be left below.
You showed me love,  
Your lap I used for my pillow.
You taught me to keep my spirits high,  
And my hopes never to mellow.

I love you mom you are an icon, 
Filled with soo much love that beckons.
Kudos to the woman that birthed this legend.
Relax mum the world can't dull your son's sparck.

I will get the world up on their feet just for you its a promise.
The love you poured in me I will not desert, 
Your care I won't neglect. 
Your prayers have become my shield.
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