Dear Mother

A letter from a son to a mother...My dearest mummy, to the most loving and protective amazon who has seen it fit to make sure that I was well cared for and taken care of since my birth.

I salute you, mother. You made me see your tears of joy when I succeeded but the bitterness you buried in your pillow. Thank you for being patient and kind, and most especially, thank you for the spanking when I really deserved it.

It's thanks to you that I am who I am today, a full-grown man who is taking a stride, a stride into marriage. I am a bit nervous, but I will get over it. Thank you for your prayers and blessings, which have seen me through to this point. I want you to understand that my getting married is by no means cutting you out of my life; remember that. I am indirectly joining a new family through my wife.

You are always welcome to visit; I would love you to see my wife as your daughter and not a mate to fight with. She is my wife, and you are my mother. Understand her ways, and yours are different, so please don't expect her to do things exactly like you. She is her own person, and that's why I'm getting married to her. She might have her view on things, just try to know and not change her.

You once told me of your experience when you got married at the young age of eighteen. Grandma had taught you all you needed to know from her point of view; the rest you learned through experience. She wasn't there all the time, but her advice was all you needed. All I want from you, my first love, are your prayers and advice. I will always love you, mother. Your loving son

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