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Dear Newbie Writer....

"I'm writing a three-novel series. I've been writing for ten years and hope to finish by 2029." This was a post I saw on a Facebook group that I belonged to.

1695899187.jpgMy goodness! Writing a novel ten years ago and finishing by 2029?!😫 Does it mean this person has been writing and editing at the same time? What happened to hiring a Ghostwriter to write your book? "But I can't afford to hire a ghostwriter. They're too expensive." Let me ask you a question...

Do you want to spend your entire life writing a single book or hiring a ghostwriter who would help you write it in 3-6 months while you do other things with your time? A ghostwriter is a professional book writer who helps you write your books behind the scenes while you become the rightful owner of the book. I know we want to write our books ourselves and don't want anyone else. "I love my writing style." Yes. That's why a ghostwriter is there to help you out.

It's so sad when I see writers say they've been working on a book for the last ten years, 20 years, since the invention of sliced bread... What happens if, after you publish it, you don't see an audience to read it later? What will you do? Don't you know that the world of writing keeps changing and improving? Dear writer, I love you so much to allow you to waste your precious time writing your favorite book for donkey years when you can outsource it to a professional ghostwriter and editor.

Even if you can't hire one, take a professional writing class and improve your skills. Writing a book series should take you nothing less than three years. Don't waste your creative juices sleeping on one book for years. You can even write ten books in one year. The world needs to hear your story and read your books; don't keep us waiting.❤️ Remember the goal? Stay consistent.😁 BTW, if you're a busy professional and need help writing your fiction novels or articles, I'm here for you.

We talk over tea or coffee to discuss how to have your name written on a book cover. I help newbies, and busy writers gain confidence, authority, and wealth from their books through Ghostwriting, Editing, and Proofreading.

The Untamed Writer.

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