Dear Nigerian Parents,

Parents are fond of comparing their children with other people's. It's high time they stopped

 Don’t Compare us; We Hate it.

When Mama Nneka starts talking about her child that won an academic scholarship in school, you wonder why your ‘dumb’ son is still topping the class from behind. Whenever Mr. Edwin’s daughter captivates the church with her sonorous voice, you blame your daughter for ‘croaking like a frog’ whenever she tries to sing. Gradually, that blame created by envy would turn to bitterness, and that bitterness would cause you to compare us.

You probably don’t realize the amount of pressure you’re mounting on our fragile minds. By comparing us to other children, you make us feel like we are not doing our best, but OnG, we dey try. By comparing us, you chop off our wings of talents, and you try to force us into a box of what you consider success. We try so hard to be like the person we compare ourselves with that we forget the person we want to be. Don’t you see our talents dying simply because you can’t accept the fact that we are different?! We would never be like Mr. Benson’s child, that gets an A1 in Chemistry, because we never wanted to be in science class. Stop comparing us with Mama Chinedu’s son that is unbeatable in chess, because he is not us.

Can’t you just leave other people’s children alone and focus on yours? Everyone in this life has different personalities and different talents. Why then do you expect your child to be as good as someone else? If you are comparing your child with someone else’s child, you probably don’t know who your child really is.

Yours truly,


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