Dear Writer

The writing world is not a place to make quick money, it is not a get-rich scheme.

Correct that mentality immediately. While writing may attract cash and clients to you, its purpose should not solely be focused and dependent on that. I know you know how to write; It's your skill and talent and blah blah blah. But hello! Have you a cogent reason for writing? Or do you just write in a bid to gain followership or "blow"?

It is imperative that every writer knows why he or she writes. Until it is known, your write-ups may just be read and engaged, but the real aim for it may not be highly achieved. Even if it is, the sense of fulfillment you're supposed to feel might be lacking. Even in writing, there is purpose. Know the WHY of your desire to write.

If you know this, you will do better at writing, and your audience will connect better because then, your writings would have the true feelings and emotions you wish to communicate to the world encapsulated in them. I trust you'd go back into your closet to identify your WHY for writing. It is very important.

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