Death Oh! Death

Expansiating on death as a wicked being who has no pity for humanity...Death is a cliche in a tragic drama; but not sweet when used in grammar;

Death is a cliche in a tragic drama
but not sweet when used in grammar
death brings its rain
even when the clouds aren't ready for rain
when it comes it's irreparable
it doesn't look like one is vulnerable

It strikes like the serpent
humbling the most elegant person
they say it respects no one
when it comes it must take someone

Almighty use it to take his children home
knowing that this is not their home
the devil uses it to cause mischief
killing even the town chief

Representative of the devil
use it to do evil
he doesn't care who sends him
all he is after is to take his victim

Can this madman be stopped?
can he ever get full to the top
can he be defeated?
for even the strong man he has deleted
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