Edwin Miracle 1 year ago

Death Speaks To Me

"Have you ever spoken to death? I have."...LORITA...There is only one word I can use to describe that girl, and that is a witch.

Rumors say that she killed her parents and her little brother. She is a young 17 years old girl living in our compound alone. Honestly, I don't know what to believe; all I know is what I see. Since she started living in our compound, there have been strange deaths back to back. Everyone is scared of her, and I don't blame them. She never speaks to anyone, though. She would always be seen sitting in front of her door gazing at the sky. But the most worrisome and scary path is that whenever she is sitting like that, and her eyes turn to a person, they always end up dying. Sometimes in a week, sometimes just the next day.

Some say she's got powers; some say she is possessed, but only I know the truth. It was a Sunday night, and just like every other night, my little boy woke up in the middle of the night. Whenever he wakes up at that ungodly hour, he either has to urinate or eat. And that day, it was to urinate. Due to the kind of house we live in, there is only one bathroom and toilet, and it's a public one situated at the extreme of the compound. I rather my son urinate in the backyard than use that toilet.

I took him to the backyard that day to urinate. While he was busy urinating, I leaned on the mango tree, waiting for him. From the corner of my eyes, I spotted the shadow of Lorita moving at a hidden spot far away from me. My curiosity and desire to be the one to expose her for who she was kept me fearless. I looked back at my son, who was still in his act. I patted him, signaling him to wait for me as I followed Lorita.

I sneaked closer to her watching her every action. It was so dark that it was hard to make out a figure, but her hourglass shape was hard to miss plus that bracelet she always wears kept sparkling, assuring me that she was the one. I watched her, confused, as she covered her face with her hand and sobbed. Her sobbing sound was too loud to miss. She looked in front of her, speaking to someone I couldn't see. I moved closer to hear her words clearly. I made sure to keep my feet light on the ground as my eyes shined like touch light. "Why? " I heard her ask.

"This is so wrong and unfair. I'm tired," she said again to the person sobbing some more. "They will never understand. No, they won't!" her voice was loud as she argued with whoever she was talking to. Is she probably a mad woman, or maybe she sees a ghost? A thousand thoughts went through my head, but I knew one thing for sure. I must know the truth today. I listened some more. "It's been 40 so far in the last two months," She said, staring at the darkness." No. I don't think they have figured it out. If they do, I will move," she said. Omor na madness be this? I couldn't believe my eyes that a person was speaking to themselves. "What's the next task?"She asked. And just like a movie, a cloaked figure materialized in front of her. The cloak covered its entire face, and I couldn't see anything.

A scream was about to come out of my mouth, but I pushed it back, covering my mouth with my hands. My eyes rounded as I saw the cloaked figure hand her a list. Her eyes scanned the list, and she stared up at him. "Yes, death Lord." She bowed to it. I watched with shock as it disappeared in front of her. Her next words confused me. "I'm sorry," She said. Who is she saying sorry to now? I watched, trying to see if the cloaked figure came back again, when her eyes connected with mine. She didn't look shocked, nor did she move. "I'm sorry," She mumbled again. Her eyes glazed with tears. Now I was the one frightened. I took a step back, scared.

Fear gnawed at my heart, so I ran back to where my son was so that we could run back inside. I reached the point where he was standing, and he wasn't there. Only his slippers were left. "Tochi! Tochi!"I called out to my little boy, searching for him, but he wasn't there. Fear filled my soul. "He's gone, "Lorita said, standing behind me. I jumped away in fright. "W-what do you mean by he is gone?"Tears filled my eyes as I asked with a broken heart. "Anyone who sees death pays the price. I paid mine years ago, and you just did," she said, sadness in her eyes. My eyes widened as I stared at her. "Death?" "Yes, the cloaked figure was death. I'm his helper," she replied. Her dark eyes stared at me.

My heart skipped a beat as I stumbled. "M-my baby boy....bring him back! bring him back!"I cried, attacking her. She stood like a rock receiving my every hit without moving. "I will make sure you're arrested! You will be burnt alive for all the people you have killed!!"I cried out. " Only if you live long enough," She said and walked away. I stood at the spot my little boy was; my heart was tearing inside of me. Rage overtook me. I promised myself to make sure she was burnt alive for killing my son. If only I understood then what she said. Indeed one does not know the secret of death and stays alive to tell it to the living. I stared at her from a distance as she sat in her usual spot. Her eyes connected with mine, a bitter smile on my face as my spirit faded away to the land of the forgotten.

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