Phillips Tayo 2 years ago

Deborah's πŸ‘‚ Listening!

A poetical requiem for the soul and spirit of the martyr of Faith whose burnt carcass was buried over the weekend after a short burial led by Pastor-Uncle in his village in Niger State. Here are my words πŸ” as a fellow brotherly brother...

She's πŸ‘‚ Listening!
Burnt body in the creased ⚰️ coffin,
Ye...Alhaji Atiku Abubakar,
Eats your words mildly,
Spits on her foiled remains,
Just for maddening πŸ‘— clothes,
You are inkling for haggling,
Just to be β˜‘οΈ voted into power,
Vetoed a sister out of lifespan.

She's Listening πŸ‘‚,
Ye...Prof of National πŸ•‹ Mosque,
Strikes the REDLINES detour,
Ditto your mulled barriers,
Everywhere and always,
Are they the issues ⚠️ now?
So, we live in the suck avenue,
Your mucked head of vague,
We fright and flee awkwardly,
We are the heathens versus brethrens,
Whom you can kill for fleshy sods,

We ain't the earthly spoils,
To laid πŸ™Œ hands at will,
Nay, we can't be forced either,
To worship at your back,
Ye are not the only Reverend,
We called our Bishops!

Oh...Young Alhaji SSA,
Of Sokoto State Stupidity,
Either, We shaped πŸ”΄ in,
Or We are shoved out,
Your mouth πŸ‘„ sinks fogginess,
How come you open to speaking,
The stench and odorous,
We have put in files for the gazette,
Famous than your ignoble stance,
You alive for bitterness, Baying πŸ• dog,
She died for her faith, courage.
Blasphemy...Bold Heroine.

Deborah...Others have spoken,
Sheikh Ahmed Deedat quoted,
NASFAT..Sheik Gumi...Falana et Al,
Aisha Yesufu SARS their sanction,
You are now πŸ’‘ light crescent,
Of which we see foisted harmony,
In the recent wake and demise,
Your name oozes celebrity tag,
Thanks, Rakia tells the full details.

Miss Samuel, Sister Deborah!
Where have you reached?
Midway or near the beautiful gate?
Don't Yell! Don't Panic!!
The πŸ‡³πŸ‡ͺ Nigerien flee 🏠 home,
FFK pokes finger πŸ’… of Curse,
Whom HE incite for your bloodπŸ’‰,
Home in him desolate, Amen!
Home in him destitute, Amen!
Till his soul reeks off him, Amen!
No matter the ablution,
Never stand for his stance.

Too early to say goodbye,
The picture is the final site,
Of a talkative forum of banter,
Just for talking adroitly,
You bold your πŸ’¬ words
... Jesus oooo....insisting!
'...Holy Ghost πŸ“›Fire,
... Nothing will happen to you!
Nay, Dead in their eyes,
Nothing hard cum normality,
Nay, the strangers breached,
Shuaibu Leah, Chibok πŸ‘― girls
Dapchi Folks, Kidnapped tassels,
Go on...Lost wife of a πŸ‘¨ man,
Rare gems πŸ’ little 🌟 sparkling.

Your last words inter-alia
"What will you gain with this?
Remains 0️⃣ null and void.
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