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Definition Of True Girlfriend

Definition of True Girlfriend: How it feels like falling in love πŸ’•...

1. True girlfriends are very jealous. If you are dating themπŸ’”β€, don't even flirt with another girl. It hurts them a lot).πŸ’”β€

𝟐. They act like they are very mature on the first outing. But once they are free with you, believe me, they will give you a headache. (They do so because they trust you).πŸ’”β€

πŸ‘. They don't need your money. Your sincerity to them matters a lot (that does not mean you won't buy something for them).πŸ’”β€

πŸ’. They get angry for every little reason. They just want to hear the word "I'm sorry "(it means a lot to them).πŸ’”β€

πŸ“. If they love you, they love you for real. But if they hate you, just forget it (go and download another love elsewhere).πŸ’”

πŸ”. They don't cheat (these ones are wife material, but very rare).πŸ’”β€

πŸ•. They have the heart of an egg, easily broken (so don't hurt them).πŸ’”β€

πŸ–. They help in planning your future with you because they want the best for you (marry them).❀

πŸ—. They love when you hug them, kiss them deeply, and whisper to their ears, "I LOVE YOU" πŸ’”β€

They are rareπŸ’”β€

If you find one, keep herπŸ’Žβ€ don't worry, you will thank Me later.

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