Deliberate Abuse.

Abuse in whatever form is not humane. It is the accumulation of unguided and unbridled toxics. Watch!

Multitudes... Silence...thoughts...

You weren't like that.
That guy who doesn't listen to his wife.
And you don't wonder,
Perhaps you never ponder,
That night you raised your voice,
At the beginning of your brutality,
That night you threatened to teach her some actions of conformity,
The next night you released your claws and jaws
And then on her face, you plow and plow,
marks on her body as you tour and pour
your ancestral blows and anger dispensation,
yet you claim your right as a head.

A head that produces headaches,
That's exactly who you are.
And perhaps you think you can make me taste,
taste your bitter mixture,
from your cup of inhumane behavior.

You! I'm your mirror.
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