7 years ago, a worldwide hit "7 Years" by Lukas Graham was released"Time ain't that long"

He remembered
The days of youthful exhibitions
Its fleeing features
The train-like fast standards
The lovely disorganization

He was alive and blowing in the wind
Undaunted by regrets or held back by thoughtful pleas
Conspicuous in appearance, affable in manner, 
Not a care in the desolate planet

Now he can only remember
Time and season have weakened the amber
Of his joyful adventures
They now come in flashbacks, 
Like Forest Gump's narrations

A wonderful feeling for a while
It is suddenly sadness packed in a file
The inability to relive is his greatest foe
Sins and wishes refuse to let go

His mind wanders on its own
Unable to stop the careless seeds he had sown
This is truly the end for he remembers
And that is all that matters. 

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