Demons Are Real

I never knew he was a demon until he did the unthinkable.

I used to think monsters appeared only in movies and in people's minds, but I met one today. It stood in the middle of my living room, staring at me with cold, brown eyes. It stood with such dangerous confidence. Its intense gaze sent shivers through my entire being. I shook like a weak building responding to the call of an earthquake. Its presence and appearance terrified me.

But terrified or not, I still found this monster irresistibly attractive. The red pants and jacket it wore hugged its body so warmly, revealing all the right parts. The cleanly cut black mass of dead cells on its head complemented its incredible face. Yes, that face is the main attraction. Its creator definitely took his time when making such a masterpiece.

Square-faced, perfectly arched brows, aquiline nose, soft pink lips, and big ears that twitched ever so often. And those eyes, even chocolate, would be jealous of them. They were a special kind of brown, beautiful, seductive, and inevitably dangerous...

"What have you done, John" I screamed at "it." I looked at my sister, lying down at "its" feet, covered in blood that she had choked on. Her hair was all over the place. He had made sure to get out as many strands as possible when he dragged her on the tiled floor. " You are a monster!" I shouted and raced towards him in rage. He simply caught me by my weak arms and flung me halfway across the room. I slid on the bloody floor and hit my back on the wall. I felt dizzy for a moment but not for long.

"Why did you kill her?" I asked in tears. " She was kind to you; she loved you and gave you everything you wanted. You are just a monster!". "Monster?" he laughed, " Who's the real monster here?". "I think you should look into the mirror sometimes, you know, just for a little insight." " Wasn't this what you wanted?" he asked, pointing his disgusting finger at my sister's corpse. " You wanted her gone, right?" he continued. " So you could have her money and me all to yourself." " I didn't want her dead. All I wanted was some of her money so that you and I could leave and start our lives together far away from here.......". " Shut up, stop this hypocrisy of yours" he raised his hand in an almost comical way. "You know, you should be grateful. I did you a big favor. At least now, your dumb sister will never find out that you've been sleeping with her husband".

I knew he was right. I'm the real monster. I betrayed my sister and even tried to scam her. I couldn't control the tears; they just came pouring down. They soon stopped when I saw John bending down to pick up the dagger he had used to kill my sister. I stopped shivering. I stopped breathing too. He was watching me closely, and I hit him. He put the bloody knife to his tongue and gave it a long, wet lick. Then he stepped closer. And with each step he took, I felt my life disappearing. My breath seemed to fade into the air like steam vapor. " And now that I have what I've always wanted......" he said, looking at the transfer of ownership documents my sister had been forced to sign.

"The company..." he took one long step. " the houses..." another long step. "The estates..." another one, until he was right in front of me, his breath forcing its way into my nostrils. " Everything, down to her stupid cats and birds." " I don't have any need for you anymore," he whispered as he pushed the dagger into my abdomen.

All the air I had gathered for that moment gushed out of me. I couldn't scream, for there was no air. He withdrew the knife and sent it forth again, this time going deeper. And again, and again and again until my intestines covered the floor. He left the dagger in me and turned to take his leave. I fell to the ground, my voice still looking for the strength to speak. "Monster" was all I could muster as my life faded into nothingness......

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