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Diary 😘

My last words on earth… It's me again. Didn’t write to you for the past two weeks, well that was because I was admitted to the hospital 🏥 then. Like I told you earlier about how my stepfather abused and used me like a piece of rag. I tried telling mum, but she was too busy with work and had no time for me. Just imagine placing work above your blood. Well, this is how it all started, diary.

On the 23rd of May 2012, I was on my birthday; I was supposed so happy that I was going to get a toy and go to assume meant park as my mom had promised me before then. I just couldn’t wait to have fun that day. I wore my new clothes, admired myself in the mirror, and added light makeup to my face as i.made way to my parent's room to wake them up. I knocked, and the door 🚪 was opened from the inside. I saw my stepdad standing in his pajamas with his hands on his mouth as if he had seen a ghost 👻. 

"My princess is looking dashing today, "he remarked, pulling her into a hug. I was happy, and I asked about my mum, and he told me that she had already gone to work but promised to meet us at the fun fair. Anyways I wasn’t annoyed because my stepdad was like my joy giver then; he was always there for me. But that day changed my belief. 

We had enough fun; his phone 📱 beeped, and he leaked at it and then turned it towards me. I looked at the screen and saw my mother in her workplace singing me a happy birthday song and pleading with me that she won't be able to come as she had promised, but she would make it up to me when she came back home. My stepdad looked at me with greedy eyes, and for the first time, I felt awkward when I saw his eyes feeding on my breasts. 

He then suggested that since it was my eighteenth birthday, he wanted to make me have fun, and he knew just the perfect place to go to make me enjoy my sweet sixteen birthday. I giggled and agreed to follow him to he wanted us to go. We reached a place, and he met the guards by the door and spoke to them, which we were later allowed to enter. As we stepped inside, I nearly died of polluted air. The whole room was dim one could barely see each other. You could see people having sex with less care if sides or corners saw them. Then it dawned on me that I had made a mistake and followed my stepdad to a club. I felt the urge to cry 😿 but they weren't forthcoming. 

He then passed me a drink in a cup, and I turned down the offer with the excuse that I don't drink alcohol. He ordered soft drinks and gave them to me to drink. I drank them sip by sip. I was damn uncomfortable now. I made my way to the toilet to use myself. I began feeling dizzy, and my head hurt. I knew very that I didn’t drink alcohol; then why was I been tipsy at that moment. The next thing that happened and got me home was my dad, he took me to his matrimonial bed, but I couldn't fathom why my stepdad took me there. Before I knew what was amidst, my stepdad forcibly tore my clothes off my body, leaving me stark naked on the bed. I was very weak and couldn't fight back; he broke my hymen and raped me. I looked at him with tears flowing from my eyes without control. 

The pleasure and feelings weren’t there because all I felt was Pains and nothing more. Suddenly, my mum walked inside, and I thought he would stop. To my utmost surprise, she asked him to be fast about it. My heart scattered😭 My World 🌎 crumbled in my eyes. Then I jerked and smiled at 😭 my mother and told her. "You will suffer in this life, if not now. Later" Then my vision went blurred, and I fainted… 

Goodbye diary 📓; I just thought 💭 it wise to tell you, and from now till eternity, I will forever be grateful to you for being able to bore my feeling…. Then my eyes 👀 started bleeding with tears 😿 and I felt death calling me loudly. These drugs are just good because they act fast. I turned to the window and smiled as I died in peace, leaving this cruel world…. 


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