Diary Of A Christian Lady

Diary Of A Christian Lady: This article borders on anxiety and singleness lifestyle as a Christian...

Ruth told me she wanted to use the coal pot after I was done with it."It's just stew," she said. "It's not like your own that you'll be turning, turning, and turning for like twenty minutes." I laughed. I thought of telling her it was "fry," not "turn." But in this moment of indecisiveness, she smiled and left. Twenty minutes is an exaggeration, but I'll let her get away with it because I've also had my turn to whine.

Today, my neighbor's daughter also cooked, but something went wrong in the process. She actually burned the beans. I could hear her mother scolding her outside, asking if this was how she intended to cook for her future husband.

I laughed in the privacy of my room because I'd also been asked the same question before but not by my mother, never my mum. I remember I burned a good number of meals and cooked a great deal of rubbish before my culinary skills got to their current stage.😂

These days sef, I do wonder how much suffering someone's son would have gone through if we were in those days when girls were married off at an early age. But today, I have a different story to tell. Practice makes perfect.

There's no need to rush. There's no need to worry so much about any imperfection. I'm also resolving not to think about my future marriage. I must focus on ME. I need ME to be alright and successful first before adding someone else's burden to mine.

Singleness is a blessing. It's a time to relax, serve God and work on one's self. Everything will come naturally with patience and practice. Above all, my Father says, "BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING."Nothing includes everything.😊✨




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