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Did We Actually Forget The Past..?

DID WE ACTUALLY FORGET THE PAST..?: A letter-based fictional story about family, friends, and love.

Dear Gabrielle, It's such a pity that you might have to read this letter, and wouldn't be so happy to recognize the sender because, as It is written with a name, a signature name. It's been, I don't know, maybe 12 years since we have last spoken to each other. I see that you are now a successful neurosurgeon who is happily married to a set of lovely twins. Well, congratulations on that. You finally achieved your dream!

Wow, how time flies ... It feels just like yesterday when we were in Junior High School. So young, naive, and full of life. Remember those days when we normally skipped school just so we would be together? The sleepovers, late-night parties? Do you still remember the last time we went to Lacoste Beach just because we wanted to prove to our friends that we were actually a couple? Or when we participated in that binge drinking contest so we could join the "Willows love society" in our third year in Junior High? I'm still surprised that with the kind of life we lived, we actually didn't get to be intimate.

Maybe it was because of your father's scary and bushy eyebrows...Hahaha! What crazy things we did back then. Even most of our friends thought we were eventually getting married. Even I thought so too. But it was quite unfortunate things didn't work out well between us. Heck, why am I even writing this? Oops...I'm not supposed to use a strong word...Considering my vocation...Guess I can't change that...Ah, yes, back to my story...Well, I really wanted to clear my conscience and your doubt about what exactly happened on the night of your 16th birthday...

On the morning of your birthday, after we had gone to the shopping mall to get some gifts with your friends, Martins and I went to the hospital to check up on our elder brother, Desmond, who was just recovering from kidney surgery. After that, we left to go to Jason's house to keep the drinks since they already had a cold room at their place. My brother and I then headed back to our house and never left until you texted everyone to come earlier for your birthday preparation at your place.

One month after your birthday party, it was discovered that you were pregnant due to a rape incident. And so I was unjustly accused of being responsible for it, probably because I came from a not so well to do family? I guess so...Sorry to burst your bubbles, but your rape was actually a plot.

Let me tell you how... When I went to the store room to get the gifts that would be exchanged for the party, I overheard Mr. Hamilton, your father, exchanging some cash with a stranger outside the store window. It was actually dark, so I couldn't recognize the stranger's face. I overheard your father call the stranger's name, Ethan, telling him that all must go to plan. That was when I discovered that I'd be accused of it. I was in shock!

But if you totally don't believe what I'm saying, perhaps a recorded video of your incident could clear your doubt. Thanks to my father and Detective Olsen, we were able to get enough evidence. Remember that video camera I got for you for your birthday? The one you used in filming activities from your birthday? Yes, that was what the police used in recognizing your attacker. PS: I never knew that you were already betrothed to Ethan when you were 12 years old. I also don't understand why your father would think of such a thing as to hurt his own daughter and hurt me so badly, thereby tarnishing my family's image. I, on the other hand, would never think of doing anything that would ever hurt you.

Your father left in his Jeep afterward while your "betrothed" masked his face and left too. I knew I had to do something. Anyways, I was about to alert you when I discovered that the room I was in had been locked from the outside, making it difficult for me to leave. Not a few hours later, the police came, and I was wrongly accused of raping Mr. Hamilton's daughter and arrested. I didn't even leave the gift room I was in! My family had to leave Troy Villa and relocate to Lakewood City.

The day I was tried and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, I never recognized you that day because your eyes were full of hatred and doubt for me. I guess you were ordered to testify against me that day because it was obvious you weren't sure of what you were saying. Or maybe you were drugged during the cause of your rape? I have no idea... But I'm still wondering, to date, why you never recognized who had raped you that night or why you didn't tell me you already had a boyfriend.....

And to think that your father would actually do something as dubious as that...But it's all in the past now...I remember when I was being led to prison, I tried begging and hoping for you to look me straight in the eye once again and tell me why you had to testify against me in court. But you couldn't raise your eyes to even look at me. I was torn and broken. I got released after three years and went to live with my parents in Lakewood City. My parents decided that I become a priest, but I don't know what their reason was. But I'm glad I listened to them, and I'm happy I became one. By September 23rd, I'll be ordained a priest here in Lakewood city at St John's.

Although the incident of that night still remains fresh in my memory, I try as much as possible to forget the bitter experience. I also have forgiven you and Ethan and hope that you come to my priestly ordination by September and, maybe someday, celebrate Mass with us at St John's.

Now I've written this letter to you; it feels like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Wow! Who knew I would write this letter in perfect English when back then, in school, I couldn't even spell my own name (how odd)? Do pardon me for this long letter.


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