Different But Unlucky

A sad love story of incompatible genetics...Indi had just graduated from the University. Everyone was so happy for her, especially her parents, who had always been so concerned about her frequent crisis lately. She had fallen sick four times at intervals and was admitted to the infirmary. Generally, they had two major concerns about the recurrence of the crisis at very few intervals.

First is the fear of her not being able to graduate if she is unable to write her final exams since this is all happening in her last semester. Not that she had not been having any crises, but this is her final exam, and normally, the crisis barely hits twice a semester, let alone three to four times. But this semester being her last, she had fallen sick four times already, and it's scary.

Second, Indi is so intelligent and bright. Her target is first-class, and the parents are so concerned that if she's unable to write her exams in good health, it might affect her grades and eventually break her heart. They love her so much that they don't joke about anything that has to do with her state of mind. But God has done her well. The last crisis she had was six weeks before her exams, and it was not very serious. Only swollen feet and the conventional stomach ache, which she recuperated within a week and came out strong and very beautiful as ever.

Talking about beauty, Indi was considered by many a mermaid. In fact, some of her male lecturers referred to her as Mami-water, a Nigerian way of saying a lady's beauty is spotless and questionable. To try to explain this, there is one person who has never called her by her name even when sharing scripts in the class with the students: MrDidam PhD.). He will share the scripts, and hers will be the last. Then he will smile and change his voice to sound like that of a little child. Finally, he will call her out: Mami-water. The entire class would burst into laughter, and with so much smile and shyness, Indi would leave her seat and go out to collect her script.

The fact that she is so beautiful and intelligent pricks many people's minds, especially the boys in her class who love to date beautiful girls because, according to them, most beautiful girls are not intelligent. Only a bunch of wanna-be-celebrities choking people with designer perfumes and handbags with excess make-up. So, if one knows his onions, they are very easy to penetrate. Indi was actually not much different. She uses designer handbags and perfumes too. She is beautiful and friendly. Also, she is another wanna-be-celebrity, except that she desires to be a celebrity in the academic world, a place where very few girls among her contemporaries know exist. So, I think she is different. Different but unlucky.

Her crisis had been because of her genotype. She is ss, and though she doesn't much look it, it has impeded her love life. Most of the good men that ever loved her genuinely were all AS. There was Achi, Beniaat, and Shimzhit. Shimzhit was the last, and they had dated for nine months. Along the way, his mother spotted the possibility of Indi being an ss and immediately tipped him. He loved her and so became very worried that he began to pray and hope his mom was wrong about her. He tried not to ask because if he did and it turned out to be true, he wasn't sure he could live without her, as he had come to love her with all of him. They have become so fond of each other that one might think they have been dating all their lives. What a connection!

However, as time passed by, he couldn't pretend anymore. One day, he took her out to the infamous Gamji. They had a lovely time sightseeing. Sitting down on the green grasses and looking at nature, a loud silence ran through. Indi did not notice it, but Shimzhit became so consumed in the thoughts of only God knows what, or should I say in the thoughts of an imminent heartbreak if his mother was right? He took a deep breath and a subconscious long sigh. By this time, her attention turned towards him, and when their faces lurked, there was this fear and sadness that ran all over him.

"What's happening, babes? What's the matter?" Indi asked? 'Emmmh... It's nothing. I was just... Just... Emmmh... No. Forget it.' "Forget what? Do you want to start keeping things? I thought we said: no secrets?" 'Yes... It's nothing. Just that...' Then he stood up and realized that she was already getting impatient and angry at the same time. He tried to change the topic, but he dared not. Indi is a no-nonsense girl. She might just walk out of him. In fact, she had just stood up too, and forthwith dusting off her back. Then reluctantly, he threw the question to her. 'Babes, please, what is your genotype?'

She wasn't expecting this, but she is a strong woman that has only been challenged by sickle cell conditions. However, there is nothing she cannot handle. She took a deep breath and tried to stay focused on the matter, or maybe to find the right words. Then finally she said: "I was going to tell you. But where did you find out?" 'From my mom... She is not sure, so she suggested I ask you first.' "Well, my dear, mom is not wrong. I am... But how about you? I actually did not tell you sooner because I was praying to God that you should not be AS. Or are you?"

Spontaneously, his mood changed. He tried to control it, but his eyes betrayed him. They opened so wide and let the tears roll out. At this point, Indi felt a sharp pain in their heart, and tears began to form in her eyes too. She wanted to let them out, but she understood that the two of them could not be crying at the same time. So, she manned up and controlled the physical tears. "Babes, crying? Why? Common don't do that." She moved closer and hugged him tightly. Then she asked: "Don't you think I should be the one crying? You are just AS, but me... Then she couldn't manage the tears anymore and busted into crying. The two hugged each other and knew that if they had asked each other about their genotype from the very beginning if they had cared enough for the future, they would have known this before it got them this pain they were going through.

Meanwhile, Shimzhit wanted to continue with the relationship, but Indi declined. She told him: "What you're asking is the same thing my mom asked my dad. Now, look at where their decision placed me. In a life constantly meeting people I love that I cannot end up with. Look at us and imagine giving birth to a baby that will come and face this or worse. Or can't you see the emotional pains and trauma this has caused us? How about my crisis issues? Do you know the pains I feel each time the crisis strikes? Is this something you want us to introduce an innocent child to? You know I love you. The truth is I know you love me too. We would have sure made a hell of a couple. But that's probably in the next life. For this very one, you are the best I've met. You are different but unlucky. I am also different but unlucky."

"Goodbye, my love.


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