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Digital Tools I Use As A Fiction Writer Part Two:

This article is a continuation of the digital tools that are paramount for every fiction writer. You can learn about these tools to aid your writing.

7. Answer the public:

This shows the SEO-related questions to fiction writing. E.g., "How much do fiction writers earn?." "Is fiction writing profitable?"

8. Quora:

This also looks like an answer to the public, but the only difference is that it's being asked by individuals and answered by anyone.

9. Reddit:

This is more like a community of writers. You share your knowledge, experiences, and challenges.

10. Disha page:

This is a one-page portfolio website that showcases all your work. It's free to use.

11. Wordpad:

This, I use for typing. A key feature I noticed is that it can read aloud your writing.

12. Writers cream:

This, I prefer a newbie should use instead of ChatGPT. It will help in writing non-plagiarised content. It will help you in creating content, copies, and articles. You only put in the keyword, and it generates content for you.

13. Google task:

This helps me in creating a daily writing schedule.

Hope you learned something new today.

The untamed writer.

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