Dirty Desk: Episode 1. Give Me My Isaac!

Dirty Desk: Episode 1. Give me my Isaac!: Chronicles of daily encounters of an unknown counselor...

After my youth Service in Umukara-Urata Community, I decided to stay and work as a guidance counselor at the Monsieur June Foundation clinic. The night seemed longer than any other night. Couldn't wait to resume work. I thought the job was easier and soft. Umukara- Urata is a community blessed with a student population and also a border town to an oil-producing community.

Monsieur June Foundation came to Umukara-Urata after the 1996 bloody communal clash between Umukara-Urata and Atani- Ukara. The founder, a French Missionary, was able to assimilate with the two warring communities and brought unimaginable peace between the hostile neighbors. He holds chieftaincy titles from the two communities. As a matter of fact, Monsieur June is regarded as a magician. The two communities are Marvell at his disposition to any situation. He established a School, Clinic, Farm, and worship center, in which even traditional Idol worshippers are visitors.

Guess who first came to my desk on resumption day, Major Anyika. A dark, tall, and handsome man but radical to a fault. If you don't know major Anyika, you are a complete stranger in this part of the world. After collecting the referral letter they brought from the clinic and the medical report attached inside, I discovered why they were referred by my desk. Five minutes passed I was still pondering on the report and also thinking of a better way to face Major Anyika. In the midst of my confusion, he roared, " Young Man, I don't like time wasters." The only thing that came out of their mouth quickly was sorry, sir, which got him angry the more. No, "Young Man, he shouted." I am Major Anyika Iwueke, the only Major that defeated a battalion singlehandedly. He took time and reeled out all his military achievements in not less than 20 minutes, and in the end, I apologized for not addressing him properly before I could continue.

First, I asked his wife to excuse us which he quickly objected. After a while, he obliged me. I wanted to know what was their reason for visiting the clinic. He told me bluntly that his wife was finding it difficult to conceive. I almost laughed, but that was against the rules. Major Anyika is in his late 70's, and his wife is in her Early 40's. He is youthful that you can barely predict his age. The marriage is blessed with seven children, boys, and girls. The truth, as it were on my desk at that moment, was beyond my capacity and professional experience. Major Anyika's wife has no womb from the medical report they brought from our clinic, and they are not aware. I should have excused him and interviewed the wife first, but my instinct told me that wouldn't go well with him. 

To avoid or prolong the impending outcome, I wrote another note for them to take back to the clinic. But before they left, I advised Major to take it easy that age was no longer on his side, but they could still have another child as he so desired. Immediately after leaving for the clinic, I picked up the Intercom and rang the doctor, who referred them to my office. He now told me that they needed counseling on the outcome of the test. Probably her womb was damaged or removed intentionally. 

Major Anyika's wife almost lost her life six years ago during child labor in the city. Another appointment was scheduled pending when the outcome of the mock medical test they took again to afford me more time to see if I could link up with Major's wife and interview her personally before my next meeting with them. That evening while coming out from the Chapel, I met Monsieur June, and I thought it wise to tell him about my encounter with Major Anyika. He assured me there was no problem and that I should call him anytime they were in my office for that appointment. I slept that night, relieved.

On that fateful day, Major Anyika and his beautiful wife were the first at my desk that morning. I stepped out quietly and rang Monsieur June. While I was asking them some less relevant questions and buying some time, the man capable of spilling the truth just walked in, major stood up and stretched out his long arms towards Monsieur June. You will know that they greatly respect each other from their handshake and compliments.

Suddenly Major pleaded with Monsieur June to attend to his file personally. In my office, our founder told Major that he came for him at my invitation. Major was surprised; then the result was read out to them. He was shouting at the top of his voice and fuming but never suspected or accused his wife of any wrongdoing. At the height of the matter, Major threatened that he was going to the city immediately to close down that Hospital for unprofessional conduct that led to damaging his wife's womb. Monsieur June, in his usual disposition, was able to calm his nerves and, after getting to know about the wife's medical history, asked him if he signed any medical consent during the wife's caesarian section, which he admitted to having signed a consent form without going through the content. He may have given his consent for the wife's womb to be removed to save the mother and child during their last childbirth.

 After some months, Major came to my office. At first, I was a little tensed; he started off by saying, "Boy, you will go far in life. In your wisdom, you saved yourself, my marriage, and my reputation". Thank you, Major, I replied. My racing heartbeat started applying the automatic brake, and my third leg, which suddenly shrank, returned to normal. Major Anyika Iwueke had gone to the Hospital in the city to verify and discovered that he had given his consent for the removal of the wife's womb. He loved his wife so much that he was not going to allow the ordinary signing of the paper to delay saving his wife's life, not knowing the implication of what he signed.

The damage to the womb pained him so much and had put his wish of having his last child in his late 70s. His late father had his last child a year before his 80th birthday; that last child was his everything. Though his late dad married three wives but Major vowed not to be polygamous. The love the last child showed to his late father made him copy his footstep of wanting to have his own in the later part of his life. Before his father died, he told him that he didn't want to feel lonely during his old age, and that was why he decided to have a child in his old age. Surely, the old man enjoyed his old age with the little child at his beck and call.

When it seemed to Major Anyika that his dream of fathering a child in his old age had been defeated, the great magician of Umukara-Urata came to his rescue, and his hope of having ISAAC was brought to life. Monsieur June brought back his joy and made him fulfilled by encouraging and making it possible for them to adopt a child legally. And finally, he got his ISAAC. Major, while leaving my office that morning, invited me for his 77 years birthday and family presentation/naming ceremony of their last child Isaac.

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