I am not against correcting people in areas you see they aren’t doing well but...

I can remember vividly situations where I felt discouraged. A period of hope which turned into a period of fear, confusion, and uncertainty. “The moment I had issues with gaining admission into the higher institution and things weren’t working out and the spirit dampening words I heard.” “The moment I was trying to make myself better, and everything got messed up.” “The moment that seems everything wasn’t working out well.” Everyone at one time or the other has a period of discouragement too.

Discouragement means depriving a person of confidence, hope, and enthusiasm. Discouragement comes in when we feel good about a situation, and something or someone rips off our enthusiasm. Discouraging words deprive a person of confidence and hope. Discouraging words are like poison that can kill or bring someone down. To those who love speaking discouraging words, what pleasure do you derive from making a person lose hope, and confidence and creating fear in them?

How do you feel when you dampen people’s spirit and enthusiasm with your poisonous words? Why can’t you just leave people to get better in their little way? If you can’t encourage, please stay silent than kill people’s dreams and visions with your horrible words. I have observed that these categories of people that they can’t do or even attempt what they are discouraging others from and won’t allow those trying to get better to have peace of mind with their disheartening words. Why now? Leave us alone; let us do things how we can do it. Stop those discouraging words; it could make one lose confidence and control.

However, suppose at any point in time you have been discouraged (which is inevitable because we deal with discouragement in one form or the other throughout our lives) and you have difficulty pulling yourself together again as a Writer, Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Pastor, Doctor, Engineer or any field you find yourself. In that case, you will definitely have an experience of discouragement, but it doesn’t have to define us.

♦️ Never allow discouraging words seat in your heart

♦️Stay positive and move with positive people

♦️Use the word of God at all times; it’s the greatest weapon against discouragement.

♦️ Rather than feeling discouraged, let every word you hear challenge you to become a better person. When those that are discouraging you see that you are not moved, they will REST 😀😀😀.

NOTE: I am not against correcting people in areas you see they aren’t doing well, but please correct, not condemn or discourage. God bless us.

Oluwadamilola Adeola

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