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Writing is a medium or skill for passing information to the public. Our views are exposed through writings. It is a journey of exploration. It is a high-income skill being sought after. Through writing, we inspire, transform, and influence people into positive actions. Writers are leaders. We teach people through our handwork the little we know. We are proud of our knowledge and ready to share it with others. For you to be a great writer, you must have a great passion for reading and writing. You must read. It takes discipline to sit down and carry a book without considering enjoyment and busy schedules. Buy books and read. Don't be lazy to read books within your scope, and don't limit yourself to them. Read outside your scope.

Through reading, we discover a lot of hidden treasures. Reading shapes your mental judgment stares at your curiosity, and gives you unusual exposure because you are a product of what you read. Choose your niche wisely. Choose it because you are passionate about it and can make a write-up from it. Don't choose a niche because someone wants you or because everyone is writing and making money from it. Start writing as long as you have a clear picture of the topic and readers in mind, focus, and build it. There is something you know that someone else doesn't. Be a solution to their problems by sharing your view with them.

Convert your experience, knowledge, skill, and expertise into a book. Don't write on experience not healed from because the readers are interested in how you overcame a situation, not the problem. Simplify your write-up so that it will be easy and simple to read because not everyone has the patience to read through. You need determination, focus, consistency, hard work, the right strategy, and position.

Keep writing and writing until you impact the world. Express your uniqueness to the world through writing. We are writers - changing the world through the pen. Thanks for reading. For more, write up, follow, like, and comment.

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