"Tope, you have killed me", Tope's mother screamed and pull her daughter with her cloth.

" After all, I have sacrificed for you. Is this the best way you've decided to pay me back" she yelled at her daughter, who was still standing looking like a caught thief, without saying a word. "I have suffered to educate you and your brother since the demise of your father. Do I start reminding you how your late father's family mattered to us; they threw our things out and banned me from my husband's wealth. You are not a child when this happens; you see everything. Didn't you" she yelled again, almost breaking into a bitter sob. Her yelling made her daughter to shivered, and she tried to utter a word, but she dare not at her mother's rage.

 "You ought to make me and your late father proud, but you decided to bring nothing but shame, disappointment, and sorrow. I worked hard to be successful in making myself and your late father proud. I am sure you are happy now, and let me remind you that your father's family would also be happy to see you this way. I thought you would weep away the tears your father left soaking in my eyes for years. But no. I protect you from going astray, but you choose the path. I'm bitterly disappointed in you", she shared her head and gave her daughter a bitter and pitiful look. Seeing the ugly and disappointed look on her mother's face, Tope broke into a bitter loud cry.

She moved around her crying daughter, who stood still with her head on the ground in the center of the living room and continued. " Tope, I labored day and night to raise to send you and her brother to school to make me proud. But you went, Tope, you went to a University" she raised her voice high, and Tope sobbed louder at the highest of her mother's voice.

"To become wayward. Wayward to the extent of getting expelled from school. How do I face the world to tell them I have failed as a mother". "How do I face the world, answer me, Tope? God knows I did the best a mother can be. You just decided to choose a wrong path. I did guild you to be this".

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