Do You Love Me?

This article illustrates the necessity for us to have someone in our life who might correct us when we're doing wrong.

It was a sunny day. On my way home, I dropped over at a big sister’s business. We had chats about life generally, and as I was going to depart, she communicated a terrible message to me nicely. She informed me she sweats a lot and she absolutely cannot go out without a deodorant. Then, she recommended I purchase one. Do you grasp the message she was attempting to convey across? Another event I had was with my brother Sunday Olowokere. I was in a chat with him when my phone rang. I answered the call without excusing myself.

After the phone finished, he gently suggested to me that it would have been better if I had excused myself before taking up the call. He said that if it were to be someone else, he might remain quiet about it. Why am I posting this? Most of us are surrounded by individuals who love us too much to tell us some painful realities. They watch us stink; they urge us to bike on, clapping their hands and giving us the sense of “you’re doing well.” As fantastic as this looks, the reality is that every one of us needs someone who can checkmate us. People may call A SPADE A SPADE because they demand the best from us. I’m not talking about those who correct for selfish motives or to fit their opinions.

In his book ‘Finishing Strong,’ Steve Farrar says, “Everyone of us requires a godly buddy or two who are prepared to challenge us and say, ‘What are you doing? Why are you traveling in that direction? Why are you behaving that way? Why are you wasting your time like that? Why are you fooling around with that type of stuff? There’s danger around if you don’t turn around! ”

Can you take a minute to reflect on your circle of friends? Does anybody love you genuinely? Have you been struck with a harsh reality before? Let’s hear in the comments session. I adore you.

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