Does Caging Children Help ?

Parental tips...Often times parents believe that being strict or hard on their kids actually keeps them on their guard, but nope, they've got it all wrong.

Have you noticed that the more mean or strict someone is with you, the more rebellious you become? The truth is, nobody wants to be tied down or CAGED!!.

Here's what happens when you cage your kids.

1. They do the wrong things in secret.

Most times, instead of talking to your kids about the consequences of doing something wrong, we just place stern gazes on them and punish them afterward without really reasoning with them.

Who wants to be caught and punished? Definitely not me. Thus they do what they want when you're not present and maintain an innocent look when you're watching.

2. They would get worse.

Just as practice makes perfect, even so, they will perfect their evil behaviors since they don't clearly understand the consequences. Disobedience and inquisitiveness are part of man; wanting to know what will happen when we don't do what we're supposed to do is often preferred over actually doing the right thing.

3. Your presence doesn't scare them anymore.

They'd be like: "Dad thinks he's clever, we did it again, and he doesn't even know." Or "Can you say all you want so I can go and play." When your kid starts to see you in that light, gradually, they start to take you for granted.

Here is What you should do:

1. Take your kids as your friends

Tell them the truth. If using a pen cover to pick your ears is dangerous, don't do it, don't tell them only adults can do it because kids are very inquisitive and would like to try things out, especially when they're asked not to. If they see you as someone they can talk to, they'll easily seek your opinion before doing things, and if eventually they're caught doing something wrong, they'll trust you to tamper justice with mercy.

2. Practice what you preach

Don't do what you wouldn't want them to do. For example, smoking, drinking, or cursing in front of them. They are like recorders; they capture every moment, waiting for a chance to practice.

3. Spend quality time with your kids

Parents who spend quality time with their kids are most likely to know their child's interests and the way they see things. If you are close to your kids, they will tell you their little secrets.


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