Dogs And Cats Episode 1

A short Romance story..."You will not marry that poor riff-raff," Benita's father yelled at the top of his voice. Moments later, the echo of his baritone voice rumbled in the opulently giant living room.

"But dad! I..... I love him," Benita stuttered, unfit to maintain eye contact with the frantic kingpin. He let out an aggravated giggle. "What do you know about love?" He shot, his aged and puckered face tightened into a frown. "How can you love a poor man? A man with no reputation, a stark illiterate, a man who cannot......" "Father, Cole is not a stark illiterate," Benita interrupted, making her father tilt back his head in amusement. "For crying out loud, dad, he's a graduate. I hate the way you chase away every man that I fall in love with; it's...."

"Every POOR man you fall in love with," he impeded. He clung his hand to his glass of wine, gulping it down in its entirety. He heaved a sigh and continued, "Benita. I didn't give you the best things of life, so you will end up marrying some wretched church rat. No. I won't allow that! Never!" He barked with his lips jiggling to the cadence of his pitch. "Dad, why are you so engrossed in this obsolete dogma? Why do the rich have to be with the rich?.... Why.." Benita whimpered. "Because cats don't inhabit among lions," her father snarled, and the sound of a deviant grin escaped his lips. "Oh, I see! Then get ready to disown me," Benita spat as her heart pulse whizzed furiously. She gawked at her father in disgust.

"......and what do you mean by that?" He asked, rigorously standing up from his chair; his daunting silhouette insulated Benita. She looked away, glancing at nothing in particular, and her hands X-shaped around her chest. "Father. I'm done allowing you to make decisions for me. I love Cole, and there's nothing you can do about it. Father, because you had opportunities to excel doesn't make you superior to the less privileged. If they..." "How dare you lecture me about life?" Her father hummed. He clutched his fist - ready to explode like a hushed-up landmine. "I'm not soliciting your opinion here. It's either you end whatever nonsense you have with that boy, or you lose..." "Lose the company? The properties and the whopping amount of money meant to be my inheritance? Is that all? Dad, I don't give two dåmns! None of that can buy what I feel for Cole. Even with the last drop of my bløød, I'll fight to be in his arms. You and your company can jump and drown in the dâmn lake, for all I care." Benita spat in contempt, regardless of what the dangerous business mogul will do to her.

"How dare you," he thundered - verged to dampen her face with his huge palms, but the door screeched, causing him to halt his attack. He brought down his itchy and crotchety hand. Cole opened the door. ".....g...good morning, ...sir," Cole stuttered as he caught sight of Benita's father. The deadly scowl that followed made him regret opening that door in the first place. "But she told me her father won't be around this evening," he muttered under his breath; as his hands quivered on the knob, his heart threatened to fall off through his ànus. He's stuck on that cap of choosing what next to do. Should he go into the lion's den or just turn back like a frightened rabbit? He trudged his string of sight to Benita's face in a quest to find an answer, but her lips pouted in a smile, revealing her glistening set of canine and incisors. "Young Man, what are you looking for?" Benita's father yelled as he walked towards the door.

Fear clutched Cole's ridge as he made to turn back and leave. Emitting a single word could earn him more harsh words or punches from the billionaire's bodyguards who stood outside like badly built mannequins. "Come back here," Benita's father roared, hampering Cole's steps. Frightened and confused, Cole walked back into the living room, shivering like an imported item from Iceland. Cole hunched his head, his hands - bridged, as bunches of thoughts scampered through his confused mind. "I can see you have succeeded in brainwashing my only daughter with your stinky and poverty-stricken life," he blurted. "Dad!" Benita exclaimed, feigning a frown. "Will you shut up!" He yelled at her, giving her a deadly glare. She muted her lips - obediently. "Now you," he growled, turning his gaze back to the scared and quivering Cole. "Let me sound this warning to you. Stay. Away. From. My. Daughter. You're not in her class. This is a wealthy and reputable family. We don't accommodate destitute and cursed people here. Cats do not live among lions. Just take a look at yourself; you're tattered and dirty.....ew, my dog is even neater," he snarled with a slant of disgust.

"Anyways, I have warned you! Stay away from my daughter! Now, leave my house," he shouted. Tears stung Cole's brown eyes, a single trickle in sentiments - those tears will rain cats and dogs. "...d.. did .. you say, I..... Should go? Cole stammered, with his eyeballs twinkling ceaselessly. "Yes, get out! Cole clinched his feeble feet to the gorge of his Aba-made 'Gushi' slippers, storming out of the door.

"Nonsense," Benita's father half yelled - irked and disgusted. "Father, that was harsh and uncalled for," Benita said. She ran towards the door. "Come back here" her father screamed, but she was long gone, running after Cole. "Cole...... Cole... Wait!" She beaconed as she trotted towards him. Her long braids are ostentatiously romping to the gongs of her feet. "Babe, stop!" She said as she halted him with a nudge. His eyes - percolating with tears." know what? This was all a mistake. We shouldn't be together in the first place. It was all a mistake," he sobbed. "Babe, what are you talking about?" Benita asked with her crimson rubescent eyes blazing with shock. "Your father is right. Cats don't live among lions. It's not...." "Cole, just shut up," Benita interrupted, disappointed. "You think all that is going to make me leave you? Never. It's you and I against the world. I love you, and it's you I want to be with. That's all that matters," she said, spotting her hands on his lofty shoulders. "But Benny, I'm too tattered and poor for you; I'm just..." "Shhhh," she whispered, placing her finger on his lips. "Cole. I love you for who you are, tattered or not; it's you I want to be with. Rich or poor, you're my lifeline, and I'll pull every string on life's guitar to be in your arms," she said, peering at him right in the eye.

Cole heaved a sigh of relief as he loomed his hands on her wàist. " Baby. I love you too. I love you the way fishes love to dazzle underneath the water. You mean life and hope to me, and I'll fight tooth and nail to be with you" they latched their vows with a deep kiss. "I was actually coming to your place this evening," Benita said, smiling from ear to ear. "Really! But you said your dad wouldn't be around this afternoon; that's why I came around," he said, as the previous incident flashed through his mind. "I wasn't expecting him to be at home too. But go now; in an hour or two, I'll be at your place, and I'll be spending the night," she announced. Cole's heart leaped for joy. He hugged her. "Okay, babe... I'd be waiting," he grinned, kissing her goodbye.******* Cole waited for hours, but Benita didn't show up. He called her - she wasn't picking up his calls, and at some point, the network provider declared her line switched off. Clueless and confused, he waited until he received a text message from an unknown number. "Benita was involved in an accident. She's presently admitted at Mercy Teaching Hospital."

To be continued...

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