Don't Be In A Haste To Judge

DON'T BE IN A HASTE TO JUDGE: Things you can't see are sometimes bigger than the ones you are seeing...

Richelle E. Good Rich once quoted, "We never see the full picture; we cannot know a person's life and challenges at a glimpse. We never feel the full pain; we cannot perceive a person's heart and mind in a conversation" One day, I was going to get something at night with my friend. We were talking and laughing when suddenly, a bike man rode past us. His bike was without light, and he was trying all he could to get home.

My friend and I were like, "Look at how this man is riding this night with a motorcycle that has no light; this is how they go about looking for who to kill" We laid all manner of criticism on the man without knowing the full details. Then the day came; I was coming back from church service with a brother. It was already around 8 pm, and all of a sudden, our motorcycle broke down. The brother tried all he could to put the motorcycle in order, and thankfully, he was able to put it to order, but the light refused to come up. We spent almost an hour, yet no progress, and we decided to manage it that way.

Now, on our way home, my mind flashed back to the bike man that my friend and I saw the other night, and I thought within me, "who knows what exactly happened in his case? And we were busy criticizing the young man" Since that day; I made up my mind never to criticize or judge what I know nothing about and also to mind my business. This is what many of us are doing today; we have so much fallen in love with judging other people's actions and behaviors. Sometimes, when the full details of other people's lives are given to us, we will regret ever talking ill of them.

There are times when people will be telling me about how this one did this and did that, and I will just give him or her a simple reply, "He/She may have reasons for doing that; they might not seem right in your own eyes but might be right in his/her own eyes" That which we don't know is bigger than us, what we see at the surface might not be what we will see in the depth. Judging others has never added anything to my life, destiny, or career; rather, it extracts energy from me and deprives me of the opportunity of discussing things that will help me grow far in life. Whenever you are talking, don't forget that energy is zapping; then, when energy has been drained, why not make good use of that energy?

So far, I have learned to discuss matters that could be of help to me instead of wasting my time, judging other people's actions, and making God angry. I have grown to realize that good information transforms a man, but a lack of it deforms a man. Those on top are always the center of attraction, and greater attention is given to them. GRAB THAT WHICH WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.

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