Don't Be In A Rush

Steady is the way of a wise man and the assurance of tommorow's profitability lies in the wisdom justified. One step at a time, one step at a time.

While I was going about my normal daily routine—checking through the piled pallets of drinks, noting every movement, and verifying that no unmarked products were tampered with—I heard a scolding voice from one of my colleagues; "What are you doing there?" I was startled and swiftly turned around. I noticed him checking through the well-organized pallets of drinks, pointing in the direction, and asked once again. 

"Wetin you dey do for there?!" I needed to take a look and I observed that there was a guy who was trying to steal some drinks out of a pack, but he was caught. This crime was about to be committed under my watch but a colleague of mine came in at the right time to prevent such from happening. I thought about this particular experience and I realized that a lot of us are very busy with our schedules that we often leave out some important holes that need to be filled.

You can't get it all figured out on your own that is the truth! This is why being accountable is highly important. Besides, your personality can trigger a being to always be on guard to prevent you from tripping. In your pursuits, don't be in a rush. Sometimes, you have to pause, take a few steps back, or even move sideways, to adjust the needful. 

A wrong number in a mathematical calculation can have a gruesome effect. So checking through will always prevent such. Apply that today in your dealings and am certain the calculations will give the right answer. Success is not a one-man thing. without the other, it is just a fantasy. Be discreet in your approach and remember it is written; "Wisdom is profitable to direct."

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