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Don't Forget To Plan

We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer. Commit your actions to the LORD and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16;1&3 NLT

"Babe, how far with the wedding plans? What and what is left"? Sandra asked me. I responded, "ah ah, which plans are you talking about? I thought as soon as we set the date, things will start happening on their own accord". Sandra exclaimed. "really?"That's how a lot of us live our lives today. Anything goes; anything comes. We don't have a discreet plan for the year; each month, not to talk of plans to achieve our dreams.

Myles Munroe once said, "God has a plan for you, but he doesn't plan for you." life doesn't work that way, guys. If you fail to plan, then you have automatically planned to fail! Even the Almighty God plans, so who are we not to follow in his footsteps? The book of Proverbs says we can make our own plans..... You have dreams and passions to do something; you have been able to visualize it in your mind, then you go ahead and document a plan to achieve your dreams and make them real.

There are sometimes, we make plans to achieve something within a space of time, but one thing or the other comes up, so what do you do? Write another plan or adjust your plan and make them suitable! As long as your dream or purpose doesn't change, don't feel too bad that your plan didn't work out. The Israelites were God's very own people, he was their King, and he ruled them through the Judges and sent messages to them through his prophets, but they insisted on having a King, which God gave them 1Sam 10:19 was that God's plan for them? No!

In 1Sam 13;13, God planned to establish Saul and his descendants as King forever, but what happened when he messed up continually? God changed his plan! He replaced him with someone else to fulfill his purpose of redemption by bringing the Messiah (seed) through the descendants of David!. So you see, changing the plan is not the issue, but sticking to your purpose and committing your plans to God. Again Myles once said, "if you do not have a plan, you cannot change a plan."

Be blessed!

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