Don't Stop Till You Reach The Top

No matter how low you feel you've gone, stand firm and show the world of all your worth.

Don't stop till you reach the top,
Allow not your mind to be clouded,
With desolation of the blinding days,
With a spring always walk ahead,
Let fear not scare you instead.

Don't even give it a thought,
When the world says you cannot,
You only need to trust yourself,
You can still be anything you want to be.

Compare yourself not with others,
Doing this you may become vain or bitter,
For always, there will be among people,
Who're greater or lesser persons than yourself.

Don't let the small things get to you,
And a trifle like this mustn't bar you,
No matter how low you feel you've gone,
Show the world of all your worth.

When life's palm comes sweeping,
Through tempestuous waves raging,
When your feet are shrugged off balance,
Just walk out of the darkness to attain the light.

To feel the freedom and greatness,
Be bold enough through the pain and hurt,
Match your mind against your Fate's,
Gird yourself to reach the ultimate shores,
And you will get through I promise you.
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