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Hunted Adventure Of Kobo (episode 1- 11)

The story of a lost coin ( Kobo) that was of great value 40 years ago in Nigeria and the world. According to the script, the early age Usman who happens to be in his 40s, now lost his coin 1 Kobo. That same coin, to his greatest surprise, was discovered in the belly of his patient; how? Julian, a Nigerian American who happens to originate from Jos, the same village as Usman, excavated The coin in their farmland and took the coin to America for the purpose of history and narration to her children, kept the coin in a safe drawer, but unfortunately, the coin (Kobo) was hungry to be felt by its real owner and was stocked in the belly of little Dontae. Thank God for Doctor Usman, for the coin never lost its value as it paved its way through Maurice to the American Archive.

Maurice opens the wrong drawer looking for his blue comb, and here is a rush of different coins, both in Nigeria and American currency, dropping to the ground as the sound scared little Don. ( Haaaah) he screamed and griped the mum and splits the cup of tea she was holding on her silky sexy nightdress, and all over the floor.

Maurice: Hush (as he bent over towards the drawer) 

Julian: Oh, not again. (Rush the son up and head towards Maurice to help fix the drawer.)

Maurice: never mind, Julian.

Julian: No no no, pls go to work; go to work, you are late! I"ll fix it ( drop junior by her side) 

Maurice: (reaches for the comb in the right drawer this time, taped the wife twice who was busy picking coins, he rushed to the dinning, take a cup of tea, then after headed towards the doors pick his suitcase, and kiss little Don goodbye.)

Dontee: bye... Da da (as he fat and pooped in his diaper while standing, one hand still on mummy shoulder expressing a goodbye wave with a tight face pooping. Suddenly something attracted his attention; he gazed at the ground in between his legs, bent down to the ground, and reached for what attracted his eyes; unknowing his mum, Julian carried him straight for cleaning while singing)

Julian: Singing lullaby Hello, how are you? How are you today?

Dontee: not responding as usual.

Julian: Hey, talk to me. How are you today day? I am fine, what about you. Say it, kid, say it. What's that! You aren't talking. (She touched his chic). Say something, Dontee. Are you scared, or are you angry, tell mummy who hurt Don? 

Dontee: Vomitted crying (uuuuuh) 

Julian: Holy shit!. What's wrong as she checks him all around.

Dontee: uuuuuuh - trying to vomit for the second time. Oh my God, something is wrong, you need a doctor, as she rushed for the Telephone. ( dialing) oh, not responding, in a confused mood. Picked up her bag.

Dontee: uuuuh (vomited for the third time. Crying, robbing stomach ......ma ma! ma ma! Crying...

Episode 2

Julian: Talking to herself (my baby is not alright. He is not alright! as she says this soliloquizing),

Picked up her phone and car keys and rushed out to the car, carrying Don, with phones and bags in the same hand, trying to reach Mr. Maurice. Dialing her phone.

Julian:  "Hello, hello! No response. She dropped the child at the back seat of the car (fix the key to start the car, not letting it steam) and zoomed off at speed, not minding the traffic warning light. Washout lady! Shouted a pedestrian. Julian Holy shit, I nearly crushed that old fool. Still driving in a zig-zag manner, Finally, a car parked in front of Washington Braxton hospital horning for emergency Emergency pls, my son... emergency! Julian yelled (Two Doctors rushed out)

Doctor Martins: what's wrong with the child?

Julian: I don't know what the problem is; I guess he has an allergy. He was fine minutes ago. I don't know what went wrong, doc. Doctor Martins. Alright, calm down; everything will be fine; go fill in some documents while I keep him in check. (At the reception) Nurse Kelly, Hi, here are some documents; you have it all; fill it and hand them back to me now. 

Julian: thank you, nurse. ( bent over and wrote down all necessary details on the papers, then handed it over to nurse Kelly) 

Nurse Kelly: threw some questions to Julian about the child's present and past habits and allergies. And finally, what he eats.

Julian: No Past allergies, though he normally gets irritated sometimes by crowed; this morning, he was just fine; he ate a cake and a cup of tea, that's all.

Nurse Kelly: Alright, then go see the doctor. ( Nurse hand over the file to doctor Martins)

Doc Martin's: checking little Don. We need to run a test, madam Julian to know what exactly the problem is

Dontee: Ma- ma, ma-ma crying, screaming while on the bed. Julian Baby, don't cry. It's gonna be fine, alright. 'Dialling phone' Hello hello, Mr. Maurice Don! Don! 

Maurice: What's with Don! What's the problem. Talk to me

Julian: I can't really tell now, do find your way to Washington Braxton Hospital 

Maurice: Alright, straightaway.

Julian: Doctor, any diagnosis 

Doctor Martins: Not yet; the test will be out soon...

Episode 3

Nurse Russel: (came in with test result) handed it over to Doctor Martins

Doctor Martin: The test is perfect. No fever, No allergies. My blood pressure is perfect. Huuum...Don. Scream aloud, ma ma!!!

Julian: Oh my Goodness, Doctor. Pls, help me.

Doctor Usman: rushed in with panic from Don's screaming. What's wrong with the kid 

Doctor Martins: not yet figured out, 

Doctor Usman: Why not try an X-ray ( checking the child's heartbeat once more) 

Doctor Martin: exactly my next plan of action. 

Julian: baby, it's gonna be fine, OK. Stop the scream. Mum is here with you, alright.

Mr. Maurice: Batched into the doctor's office ( Don tee what's wrong, what happened, I left you few 

Minutes ago, fine with mum, what's the problem, doc.

Doctor Martin's: Still on the matter. Are you the Father? Mr. Maurice, yeah...

Doctor Martin: Huuum! By God's grace, we'll fix it. He will be fine again! We carried out some tests minutes ago. We want to run him through a scan now. (Doctor took Don in for an X-ray) Julian; wait, I will come with you

Dontee: screamed again. (Doctor Usman had a 2 seconds flashback of how he screamed been bitten by a snake when he was a child. Doctor Martins carried crying, Don. Headed for the x-ray room, followed by Julian a Few minutes later.

Mr. Maurice: oh my God. Holy shit! What would this be?  

Julian: what's that. 

Doc Martin's: yet to be sure doh ( picked the child gazing stomach at the same t0ime going through several X-ray photos)

Episode 4

(Doctors going through several X-ray photos)

Doctor Matins: I can see a foreign object with a spherical shape

Doctor Usman: Spherical shape! Let me take a second look, stretch forth hands to get the film from doctor Martins, Doctor Martin's Huuum! Doctor Usman. Wait! Wait, wait, that is it! Spherically, round-looking foreign body. Doctor Martin's How come it gets in there. Doctor Usman, The child, must have probably...(He pushed and remembered an incident that occurred when he was a child, that almost took his life. Doctor Martins, What are your thoughts

Doctor Usman: Strange! Strange! Strange. Exactly my thoughts and feelings, I feel for the kid; he must have probably played with a coin; that object looks like a coin. You know, back in my childhood stage, 30 years ago, going to the stream one early morning, my mum sent me to get some homemade masa (locally prepared cake)for breakfast along the village road. I was giving 5kobos for the masa. As naive as I was, playing and throwing the KOBO'up one after the other, hopping and running at the same time, the Kobo dropped and rolled all over, I managed to get four, but one rolled into a hole. I stretched my hands for it inside the hole; Martin's guess what! Doctor Martin's 

What exactly, Doctor Usman? The bite from a snake. Doctor Martin's A snake! it must have hurt so bad, Doctor Usman. It was terrific; I cried and screamed. If not for Halima, who saved my life. I owe her a lot. Mr. Maurice (Batched in-between their conversation) What exactly is going on... My child is running a temperature...

Doctor Martin's Reach out for Don

Episode 5

Doctor Usman: (sat down in suspense, with a pen still gazing, holding the X-ray. Coin! he exclaimed. A foreign body!

Julian: Curiously, pls break it down. What is that foreign body, what coin?

Mr. Maurice: What do you mean by that. Foreign body? Coin... but how?

Doctors Usman: We need surgery immediately. As he hurried to the theater, followed by Julian and Mr. Maurice  

Julian: Surgery. It is impossible! What for?

Doctor Usman: Take a 360 turn to Mrs. Julian, come closer, you aren't careful with this child enough, he whispered (Julian and Maurice outside the theater confused.) (Nikki, Julian's old school mate Chatting with Nurse Russell, then after bump into Julian standing helpless outside.)

Nikki: Julian Kingston!

Julian: Nikki Allwell, oh my God. I can't believe my eyes

Nikki: me neither.

Julian: Meet Mr. Maurice, my husband. Honey, meet my long-lost friend Nikki.

Nikki: Hello, Mr. Maurice. Nice meeting you. Your wife was a very good friend of mine,

I guess she is still that perfect friend.

Mr. Maurice: laughed; sure, she is always perfect when it comes to friendship and relationships. How are you doing?

Nikki: fine, Juliana, what's up. I mean, what brought you both here 

Julian: our son has some health challenges 

Nikki: what challenges, if I may ask

Julian: a foreign object was found inside his body that keeps him unrest

Nikki: a foreign body, you say; he must have swallowed it, 

Julian: who knows! Nikki, I am as confused as a jelly right now. I don't really know

Episode 6

Nikki: Never mind, it's gonna be okay; you remember Jillian, a similar incident happened to me years back on our way to school at Mattama. Along with school, road remember! 

Julian: I can't think right now, Nikki. My Son is dying.

Nikki: He will be fine, baby, don't panic look at me; I was fine then and still find today, when it happened, though a little bit discomforted that day, screaming and yelling, throwing up, remember! That day we were quarreling over some coins; I remembered how you squeezed my hands in other to secure a coin; as stupid as I was, you threw all coins into my mouth, and suddenly I swallowed one of them. A 5kobo coin, and there goes the drama of vomiting and screaming. But I was lucky the coin was defecated hours later...

Julian: Nikki, you can recall events of ages. What a good memory. 

Doctor Martins: seen dressing up Don in the Theatre. Who was far asleep 

Nurse Russell: picking all the surgical blades

Doctor Usman: (wiping off the blood on the surface Of The surgery bed) I wonder where your mother was when you hurt yourself this bad. Sorry doh... I pray you should come out of this. DOOR OPENED

Nurse: Doctor Martins, your attention is needed in the female ward. 

Doctor Martin: Alright, got it. 

Doctor Usman: rolled Dons' bed to the children's ward. ( Theatre door opens) 

Julian and Maurice: (rushed toward Doctors).: is Don alright. Pls, doctors, answer me and say, Julian.

Doctor Usman: he is going to be fine. Pushing the bed forward to the ward. 

Mr. Maurice: 'Phone rang' he stopped to answer the call

Godofia: Hello Maurice, this is Godofia, your bank CEO; your attention is needed right now at the bank; there is an urgent transaction issue that needs to be sorted out straight away. Pls kindly keep to time in the next 20 minutes; thank you...

Episode 7

Mr. Maurice : (in a confused state.) alright I will see to that effect. ( rush to the ward to see his Son) 

Mr. Maurice: Doctor, thank you so much for your effort so far; what are your findings. I mean the foreign body. 

Doctor Usman: it's a coin; your son swallowed a coin. (Doc stamped The coin on the desk from his palm)

Julian and Maurice: Coin!

Julian: stretched out her hand to get the coin., but Immediately Mr. Maurice held her hands and picked it, gazing at her angrily.

Doctors Usman: yes, like penny coin, Kobo it is called in my Local Language. Thank God the surgery was successful.

Julian: oh my God, it's all my fault (as Maurice was still in shock gazing).

Mr. Maurice: (reflect back to the drawer incident) holy shit, you weren't careful, Julian; I got to live. Just take care. I will get back in a jiffy. Peaked Sleeping Don and left. 

Julian: in tears, slobbered. Oh, baby, it's all my fault. I would have been more careful keeping a watch. Hope you are strong for me, baby ( cuddled sleeping Don) (Mr. Maurice is driving to the office. Different thoughts are going through his mind. Twist his wrist to know the time so as to reach his boss on the time promised).

Mr. Maurice: Holy shit, this traffic is a mess. (he checked his wristwatch frequently in order not to fail the appointment with his BOSS. to beat the traffic, he had to park at an eatery and start moving and running at the same time. He went through a railway station to cut the distance, on reaching the cross-section where you had to throw a coin to scale through. He checked all his pockets, picked a coin, and drop in the box to pass through; he pushed through the bus station entrance bar, but couldn't get through, then he jumped across the bar where he was apprehended by the police.

Police Code one: Accused Mr. Maurice as he forcefully refused them; they finally trapped him and handcuffed his wrist. You are under arrest, Mr. You have violated the law. 

Mr. Maurice: fork you, fork your laws. I am sick in the head right now, my son is sick, and my forking CEO is..... Holy shit! Just let me out of here; I have an appointment in less than twenty minutes. My office is a stone's throw from here. 

Police Bash: Not this time; you should have known this, Mr. You will explain that, at the station ( get into the car please, in refusal he was pushed in)

Mr. Maurice: I get to pick up my call. Pls take off these handcuffs; it's important. 

Police Code One: you will explain better when we get to the station.

Mr. Maurice: Don't do this to me. Don't do this to me, please. (Yelling) I get to pick up this call,  

I guess it's my boss, my CEO. I am sick; I said I am sick in the head. Go and make your findings, 

I dropped a coin in the box; it isn't my fault.

Episode 8

Police: you dropped a coin, you say!

Maurice: I ain't blabbing; go make your findings, I said.

Police Code One: all right then, you will be under detention while we see to it. 

Police : ( making calls to their colleague to check the entrance box using their cameras at exactly the time Mr. Maurice scaled through the bar. (Washington Braxton hospital)

Julian: (touching his head) Singing Rock a bye baby on the Tree Top, When The wind blows, they Criddle will fall...Door opens

Doc Martin: how is he? I guess he is getting better; I can see that in his eyes.

Julian: yes, he regained consciousness minutes ago and went back asleep... Thank you so much, doctor; you guys saved the life of my only hope.

Doctors: Not to me but the one who watches over us. Don, how are you? (Touching the sleeping child) Never mind, you will be out from here soonest. Have you reached Mr. Maurice? He promised jiffy minutes. (checking Don's temperature)

Julian: oh yes! ( she reached for her phone) dialed her husband's number. ( Phone ringing, no response)

Dontee: Da da,

Julian: Oh sweety, you are awake; your dad will be here soon

Doctor Martins: Alright, I am through for the day; you can reach doctor Usman should incase there is any challenge.

Julian: Alright. Thank you. The door opens (Nurse Kelly comes in as the doctor goes out, instructing her to keep a watch. 

Nurse Kelly: Dontee, my dearest, how are you doing today. Oh, Julian, here are the drugs. Pls, do come to the reception for other records. 

Julian: keep dialing her husband's number. ( this time, she dropped a voice message, asking Maurice to come for discharge). ( Railway station) Police searched through a computer system to view the camera-captured scene of Mr. Maurice when he violated the law.

Detective One: wait, wait, I saw something, playback please. ...Alright, here it is. Good, that's Mr. Maurice, right.

Detectives Two: you are right; let's watch his actions. (police two press button to playback again)

Police Code One: Huuum, he is right. Look at the coin. He actually dropped a coin (zoomed to the coin), but it doesn't look like a penny. Zoom to the coin. What coin could this be! Asked everyone...in chorus.

Episode 9

Police Code One: (picked up his phone) hello, cashier, please check for a strange coin in the box; we just confirmed Mr. Maurice actually dropped a coin, but it's totally different. Please check for the strange coin now.

Cashier: what time exactly was the coin used. 

Police: According to our system, reading exactly 9:20 am.

Cashier: Sorry account was made at noon. And coins have been transferred to the safe in the bank.

Police: call the accountant, please; we are under investigation on the strange coin) Dropped the phone and opened the door to go. (Pause) when he had the office phone ringing Phone rings.

Cashier: is that Code One? Please come to the railway exit...

Police Code One: Alright, straight away, banged the door, he hurried up to meet the cashier and accountant accompanied by Mr. Maurice in the Police van to D and C bank

Mr. Maurice: I swear this is not fair. Not at all. I need to make a call.

Police Abu: alright Maurice calm down; here is your phone; you have limited time. (Free his hands)

Mr. Maurice : (phone ringing), hello Julian, hello. Oh, Julian, is Don alright. 

Julian: yes, what happened. I've been trying your line all day. 

Mr. Maurice: please do all you can to take Dontee home; I have just listened to your voice note, for I have been detained at the police station for hours now.

Julian: police! What happened, sweetie. Are you okay? 

Maurice: yes, of course, I just need to get away from this godforsaken place, you know. 

Julian: which station, please 

Maurice: FBI Squad 2 Julian. Julian: squad 2! ...

Episode 10

Julian: carried Dontee and picked up her car keys, met doctor Martins at the entrance of the hospital we are living, 

Doctor Martins: oh! you are discharged, Don

Julian: yes, Don is fine now. We get to go to Doctor Martins. Alright then 

Julian: thank you. 

Dontee: bye-bye wave, little don

Doctor Martins: bye, kid. (D and C BANK. Accountant searching for the strange coin from the safe, while officers are standing by)

Police Code One: picked a coin, one kobo writing on it. I guess this is the coin. 1kobo. What coin is this anyway!. (Accountant returns the rest coins back into the safe.) let's move on to code.

Julian: ( in the police station in search of her husband, Mr. Maurice. and was given a seat to wait)  

Where is my husband, Mr. Maurice Stallion 

Police Stan: You want to see your husband? Stan asked. ( police code one and detective bashed in with their investigation file and handed it over to the senior superintendent. They caught the attention of everyone.

Superintendent: alright, get me, Mr. Maurice stallion

Police Stan: yes sir, ( move to the back room, fetched Maurice, Julian on seeing her husband, fell to her feet on holding Maurice). 

Jillian: What have you done to deserve this sweat heart? No! you don't deserve this; my husband is innocent; I don't want to know what the allegations are; he is innocent of any crime ( as Maurice moves towards the superintendent's office ) 

Maurice: don't sob, sweetheart; I will be out definitely.

Julian: followed Maurice inside the office.

Superintendent: you said you dropped a coin remember.

Maurice: Yes ...Superintendent" you deceived yourself, Maurice; this is not our currency coin. It is notA a penny. What can you say about this? (He stamped the coin on the table)

Maurice: in a surprise looks, wondering how come about the strange coin came.

Jillian: oh my God, there is a mix-up, not again. Pls, permit me to explain this better. 

Superintendent: And Who are you to Mr. Maurice 

Julian: his wife.

Superintendent: Alright then, we are listening

Episode 11

Julian: Officer, my name is Julian Maurice, an American citizen by birth; I grew up with my Nigerian parents. First and foremost, I apologize for all this mix-up I have caused my husband and everyone here. (about the coin. (1 kobo) it is called in Nigeria my origin ) Kobo is Nigeria's historical vehicle of the transaction; it remains one of the most indigenous currencies in the world, and its uniqueness is easily identifiable by Nigerians. It is a national symbol of unity, So let's place its value as that of a Penny. Cutting it short, I was just coming back from the hospital with our sick son who swallowed this same coin, surgery was made, and this kobo coin was the result; unfortunately, my husband happened to be in haste and mistook this coin for his pocket for his office key. Apparently, the doctors have searched all through but couldn't find the coin again! Not knowing it's with Mr. Maurice, my husband.

Mr. Maurice: Wow, wow, wow!. (reflected back), I just recalled. Oh, sorry, I am so so sorry, now I realize everything, how it happened. Pls, pardon my manners, officers.

Superintendent: pathetic, though; where did the kid find it then... The kobo, I mean.

Julian: This morning, it fell off from the drawer where I kept it; it had been there for close to three years

Superintendent: how did you get the coin? If I may ask

Julian: I found it close to a stream in Jos, my homeland when I visited my parents in Nigeria. That was three years ago, and I decided to keep the coin for memories based on its historical records and value. 

Superintendents: important things like this (Kobo) should be placed in the Archive. (As he moves forward and places the coin on the shelve while talking)

we are sorry as well, as we must effectively perform our duties and carry out our tasks.

Julian: sure

Superintendent: let him go, Code One. Be more careful next time, Maurice. Take things, easy man!

Police Code One: Yes, sir. As he went in to get Maurice's belongings.

Mr. Maurice: Sure, I will; I am always careful.

Julian: thank you, officer ( as she hugged her husband )

Mr. Maurice: Dontee!!! He is fine with Nikki out there in the car. 

Maurice: Nikki, your friend! Why! For this long... hours? (As he rushed out to reach Nikki and his son. 

Mr. Maurice: where is my son Julian? But you said he is with your friend out here.

Julian: ooh yes, we parked the car right in front of this grocery store, and I asked her to wait behind with Don or did she go in there for shopping.

Mr. Maurice: (rushed into the store in search of Nikki and don, followed by Julian.)

Salesperson: excuse me, sir, did you want some beef. 

Mr. Maurice: Nevermind. (As he banged the exit door. Dialing his phone for 911).

Julian: Hello, Hello. Hello ( still dialing her phone for Nikki, her friend.

Mr. Maurice: woman, you have caused me a lot of trouble just in one day; I give you 24 hours to get our son from your friend you barely know... I gat to go, my boss is calling... I just contacted the police. I will be in their office on my way.

Julian: (on the phone) where are you? I just want to know your destination with don; pls can you call back (voice messages). Mr. Maurice. (zoomed off) ( as he dialed his phone) hello officers, please, I have a situation on the ground, 

Police: What exactly is the problem, sir?

Mr. Maurice: my son is... No, no, no, no, I don't want to use that phrase missing right now because it could freak me out...

Police: what exactly then, sir.

Mr. Maurice: According to the statement of my wife Julian, she left him here (pointing at the car stand)in...in the car with her long-lost friend that she was with minutes ago. A woman she barely knows, now she, my son, and the car are nowhere to be found...he...he... he... (crying)

Police: you have to come over to the station for fresh documentation. For this is completely a different series. Thanks.

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